Varicose veins

The predisposition of women can be explained a circuit to increase the elasticity of the walls of the veins and turnover of valves with increased concentration of the hormone progesterone .


The primary factors in the emergence of varicose veins – a hereditary weakness in the vessel wall.

Varices Scheme

In addition, of great importance for the pathogenesis, the way of life of the people:

  • long-term work, standing or sitting;
  • Lack of regular physical activity;
  • Weight lifting;
  • Reception estrogensoderzhaschih drugs.

The risk of varicose veins of the lower extremities increases with age. But, more and more patients younger than 30 years.

Symptoms of varicose veins:

Most common in varicose veins, patients concerned about a feeling of heaviness, fullness, heat, itching of the skin, the "unrest" in the feet and aching pain, throbbing pain in the calf muscles. A characteristic feature of these characteristics is their creation after a long time. In General, unpleasant sensations completely better or their intensity is reduced significantly when walking, lying down, after the night's rest, or in the use of medical compression products.

An important feature of the disease cramps are in the calves, usually arise in the night.

Subcutaneous veins are extended in the Form of a sinuous blue conglomerates in the Shin and thigh. Unfortunately, are of the opinion that the spider veins are a Manifestation of varicose veins. But it is not worth mentioning, it is an absolute sign of the disease, and in many ways purely cosmetic Problem. Such signs can be found on the skin with varicose veins, but for the most part, and in healthy people.

With the development of varicose veins diet develop disorders of the skin of the lower leg. Originally, the land in excess of coloration, a little later, subcutaneous tissue and the skin thickens, the last appearance of a typical "painted". In the middle of the colored area of the skin appears as a response to minimal trauma small white spot, reminiscent of the spots of stearic acid. This so-called white atrophy of the skin, behind which the trophic geschwr.

Eating disorders skin is a sign of chronic venous insufficiency, which is also symmetrical swelling in the legs.

Varices on the body


Ultrasound (color Duplex; Triple-scan) - "the gold standard" in the diagnosis of varicose veins of the veins of the lower extremities. Specialist ultrasound should be sure to explore the vessels of the legs on both sides. He estimates the diameter, compressibility, and characteristics of blood flow, and the value of Reflux (backflow of blood). Evaluation of the work of the valves of the veins is not only in the Position of the patient lying down, but standing.

X-ray and contrast venography so far as the main methods of instrumental diagnosis of varicose veins, but currently, they are remained far in the past.

The treatment of varicose veins of the lower extremities:

The same symptoms may be signs of various diseases, and the disease may not go according to the textbook. Try not to be self-treated — talk to your doctor

Modern treatment of varicose veins includes surgery, sclerotherapy, compression, treatment, and application of the various medicines.


The surgical treatment is the only method in order to reduce significantly improve the quality of life, the risk of complications and the likelihood of recurrence of the disease. It consists in the removal of varicose veins and the elimination of the pathological inverse currents. There are 2 types of interventions:

  • Thermal Obliteration - minimally invasive (without cuts) is a treatment method, which is to "Spike" the vein from the inside with the help of Laser or radio frequency Sensor.
  • The traditional surgical Intervention involves the excision of the enlarged varicose veins of the saphenous veins. At the present time the technique of such interventions are sufficiently met, and you can functional a good cosmetic result.

Separately, the sclerotherapy is considered as a method of surgical treatment. She is well-complemented, and in some cases (replaced initial stage of varicose veins) surgery. The method consists in the introduction of a special medication into the varicose vein in advanced, and glued it from the inside.

Compression treatment of varicose veins

Elastic Bandage: pros and cons

Compression therapy is an essential part of each procedure for the treatment of varicose veins and the most effective method of prevention.

For the implementation of the compression of the treatment most commonly used elastic bandages, which, depending on the degree of elongation in the 3 classes:

  • the short (extension of the binder not more than 70 % of the original size),
  • Means (the zoom range of the original length at a stretching in the 70-140 %),
  • long (140% higher) extensibility.

Classes mandatory instructions on the packaging of the Bandage, and they are a necessary property for the right choice of the product.

Bandages long stretch purpose in the immediate post-operative Phase, with the aim of retaining the blood, and secure fixation of wound dressings. An optimal therapeutic compression mode, the bandages of short and medium ductility are suitable.

In the case of the use of the elastic bandage, the following rules should be observed:

  • The Association will, in advance, if possible, stop extended "self", to the formation of wrinkles in the ankle area, which can damage the skin when driving.
  • Bandaging always start from the finger joints of the foot and the heel.
  • The pressure of the Bandage should smoothly disappear from the ankle up to the hip.
  • The role of the binding to the outside turn, he is located in the vicinity of the skin.
  • The modeling of the cylindrical profile extremity pad by podkladyvanija foam rubber or Latex.

The majority of patients with varicose veins, the elastic bandage should enjoy, throughout the day, layering them in the morning you rise from the bed and take off in the evening, before night's sleep. For the treatment of venous ulceration, applied to multi-layer compression bandages, no sharp for a longer time can be directly with the affected plot from the skin of the lower leg in contact, bandages, impregnated with a drug (zinc-gelatinous, zinc-oxygen-associations, etc.). An additional fixation of the compression plate associations realize bind with the help of special sticky.

Despite the high efficiency of compression is garment treatment elastic obvious are the disadvantages of tie – the infliction of physical and aesthetic discomfort, in addition, the elderly very difficult to self-clearing, and compliance with all rules.

Compression stockings

Great popularity buy special compression stockings. He presents and stockings up to the lower, middle and upper third of the thigh, and pantyhose (including special tights for pregnant women), four compression classes.

This knitwear is made of cotton, natural rubber, spandex, and synthetic rubber. Products made from natural fibers are ideal for sensitive and affected (varicose veins, eczema, Dermatitis, trophic disorders) of the skin. About synthetic fibers, the advantages of a small diameter and a variety of colors, the were a medical sweater with high aesthetic features.

Drug therapy of varicose veins

The main objectives of drug therapy are the elimination of subjective symptoms of venous insufficiency, as well as the prevention and reduction of side effects after the surgery.

The most important drugs for the treatment of varicose veins serve similar drugs in their properties. You should only under the supervision of a physician. According to research of the safety in use of these drugs therapy is proven only in short courses. In the case of the application in a longer run-times may not be severe, but unpleasant side effects, such as gastro-intestinal disorders.

In General, a week after the beginning of the intake there is a positive dynamics: from the nocturnal cramps, pain, heaviness, swelling. It is assumed that the minimum duration of the course must be at least 2 months. In severe forms of varicose veins, stop taking the drug can be continued for up to half a year and more.

Ointments and gels

The simplicity of the application and the relative cheapness of ointments and gels make them very popular with patients and doctors. A serious drawback of the uncontrolled use of topical preparations with a high frequency of complications in the Form of flaking, Dermatitis and eczema, through an increase in the sensitivity with prolonged use of the same resources.

It is not, therefore, recommend, drugs, local measures (ointments, gels, creams) as prevention, and in the absence of symptoms of chronic diseases of the veins.

. At the beginning of the use of a slight irritation of the skin and the phenomena of flaking at the site of treatment of the drug can.

Additional Therapy

In some countries physiotherapy widely used therapeutic treatments. For dealing with symptoms of varicose veins in the lower limbs, pain and cramps in the calf muscles, you can use the method of electrical Stimulation of the muscles of the lower leg. Other ways of physiotherapy have no evidence for the effectiveness of the treatment of this disease.


Prevention of varicose veins:

The rational organization of work and rest need all of the patient's varicose veins. This category of patients is not recommended, the work in connection with a lengthy stay in position standing or sitting, lifting, exposure to high temperature. At work and at home, regular leisure-time need with a raised, at an angle of 15-20 degrees to the feet (during sleep is recommended you lift the foot of the bed above the level of the heart), a well-balanced diet, XOR, consumption of spicy and salty foods, and alcohol. It should strictly the body to control weight because of the continued obesity of progression of the disease leads.

In the conditions of elastic compression, the employment of movable types of sport (skiing, Cycling), but optimal conditions for the venous reflux and the Training of the muscles of the lower extremities are due to swim.