Varicose veins in the legs: causes and treatment methods of varicose veins

Each woman wants to look the legs were always in Top shape. But what if, one day, in front of the mirror standing, place the feet covered unlikable, vascular "stars"? Mask will not work. Not be ignored, as these will continue to be "decoration", it is only brighter and bigger. The battle with varicose veins of the lower extremities, although not easy, but necessary. Because for always put your pants on do not agree, the tempting prospect.

Varicose veins in the legs

The "star" disease: where does the varicose veins on the legs

Varicose veins in the legs – a serious disease in which the arteries lose their elasticity, stretch, Schlierbach and bent.

About varicose veins on the legs as a serious disease is known for a long time. All in all, not the most pleasant way we have to pay the price for the ability to walk on two legs. The impact of various negative factors leads to a weakness of the venous walls and Stagnation of blood in the lower half of the body.

In the end, the vessels are unduly congested, and the venous valves are functioning worse and worse. Total legs, pain, a feeling of heaviness, of the foot and ankle are swollen. A little later symptoms journeymen and others in the Form of cosmetic defects. In the future, serious complications are possible, and more.

It used to be that varicose veins on the legs — the disease of the people "standing" professions, and the first symptoms occur about 35 years old. Partly it is so. But today varicose veins quickly younger. You can find the fact that the disease has already become a Problem in 20-30-year-old "Computer Generation".

Unfortunately, pronounced signs of approaching varicose veins on the legs are not. But if you started to much pain and tired legs, appeared heaviness in the legs and cramps torment is a cause for concern.

And the emergence of many well-known hardly visible bluish veins – vascular-veins, which in consequence of if she is not treated, it will become more obvious - the Signal to act. To sound the Alarm cost, if on the surface of the legs all the tufts were venous trunk, because the outcome of the disease – unsightly to clot and wounds to fight very hard. Treatment of varicose veins in the legs can take decades.

The most dangerous consequence of the varicose veins is the development of thrombosis — formation of a blood clot in Vienna.

Inflammatory process, a concomitant disease, the risk of detachment of the Thrombus from the vessel wall. And this can, in turn, to the development of a pulmonary embolism when a blood clot reaches the blood vessels of the lungs, partially or completely the work of the system of breathing. And even can lead to death.

Varicose veins on the legs: and to me threatens?

Unfortunately, the exact cause of varicose veins are hard on the legs. This disease – a consequence of various factors. And with some of them each of us every day encounters.

Cause 1. Inheritance
Doctors say that varicose veins is a "family restaurant" of the disease. If the mother or grandmother suffered from this disease, then in 90 percent of the 100, you can claim that you in group of risk. By genes, us vessels are characteristics of the structure of the blood. And if the walls of the veins are weak, it is sufficient, the effects of the triggering factors for the disease showed.

Cause 2. Pregnancy
Discharge of the child — one of the most important triggering factors to the development of varicose veins, as hormonal changes lead to a decrease of the Tonus of the veins. In addition, during pregnancy the veins almost always compressed growing uterus. Plus weight increases. But the biggest pressure our experience Vienna during the birth. According to statistics, 50 percent of women have varicose veins that have not appeared previously, have shown just at this time.

Symptoms of varicose veins

Reason 3. Uncomfortable clothes and shoes
Uncomfortable, tight clothing, for example jeans, might veins the cause of varicose veins. Not less harmful tight shoes and High Heels. The wider the sole of the Shoe – the less the strain on the legs. Balancing on thin Stilettos, we have our veins huge burden. And when heavy shopping bags to carry in Hand – then with beautiful legs can was forever imprisoned.

Reason 4. Working conditions and bad habits
Do not forget about the people, the owners of the classic "standing" professions (salesman, waiter, hairdressers, flight attendants, and many others). You have varicose veins – almost a professional disease. To him approaching, and a whole army of office-employees, as any longer stay in the same Position (although in a sitting, although standing) makes his dirty work. And if you, the varicose veins do not wait in addition to such harmful habits such as Smoking, snacking on bread and Sandwiches, to obesity the leads, a long time. Yes, of course, the love of many will sit belongs to the seat in the cutter.

Reason 5. Sports overload
Not all the Fitness is helpful. Seriously in danger, to engage the Fans of the barbell in the gym. Weight lifting is one of the reasons for the emergence of varicose veins. In the presence of the predisposition to varicose veins in his legs to overload excessive movement is not necessary. Strength training and instruction on the basis of the martial arts is not for you.

Diagnosis and treatment of varicose veins

Because it is already clear, varicose veins on the legs — not cosmetic cause, so that the occurrence of the first complaints in the feet, you should immediately consult with flebologa.

If necessary, the doctor may ultrasound, Doppler ultrasound, to determine the quality of blood flow in the vessels and will show if there are no obstacles, transillumination, and de - by the radiation of the superficial veins with a special light that allows specialists without difficulty affected vein to be distinguished from normal. To reveal these necessary measures in a timely manner disease and timely and appropriate measures to take.

If you are talking about the treatment of varicose veins, known in the modern medicine, a number of methods for the control of varicose veins:

as for the treatment of varicose veins
  • 1 Local agents (ointments, gels): fatigue and heaviness in the legs, have a pleasant calming effect. This method of treatment brings instant liberation, since the active ingredient penetrates through the skin in small doses. The beneficial effect is only on the superficial subcutaneous veins. However, with regular application of ointments and Gels, the Situation can be corrected in the initial stage of varicose veins in the legs.
  • 2 Venotonic: drugs, the venous insufficiency (by the doctor). These medicines help reduce swelling, relieve pain in the legs, but also the walls of the blood strengthen blood vessels and improve blood circulation. These drugs complement the effect of the local resources to maximum effect in the treatment of deep vein thrombosis.
  • 3 Endovenous Laser photocoagulation: the method of treatment of "spider veins" and vascular "veins", the harbingers of varicose veins in the legs. The doctor homeopath disappears on the vessel sick Co-Laser and a "star". The treatment is performed under local anesthesia. After a few weeks, the skin has no memories about the performed Manipulation remains.
  • 4 sclerotherapy: the procedure, when in the problematic vein the syringe will be introduced, the substances and the affected vein than from the inside, glued and no longer works, and the blood begins to flow through the veins healthy. But this method is not suitable for all. It is required if the node is not very large.
  • 5 ozone therapy: a new method for the treatment of varicose veins, the elimination of "the gemsternchen". Ozone, a small needle is inserted directly into the Lumen of the vessel and caused it to stick. To achieve a visible effect, a couple of treatments.
  • 6 varicose veins surgery: surgical Intervention when the Patient is away from Vienna, one of the most effective methods of treatment. The next day after the surgery you can go home, but still at least a month special tights or trail leg have to carry. During the Operation, in the leg small punctures, which, after some time, almost invisible.

The widespread opinion that the to get rid of varicose veins in the legs helps the leech therapy or the treatment of varicose veins with leeches. Actually, a substance that leeches secrete, during the bite, hirudin, helps in the reduction of blood clotting. Neither vascular "stars", Vienna, do not disappear yet. In addition, on the site of the bite ulcers may form which heal then hard to come by.

Prevention is varicose veins the best treatment: 5 steps to health of the veins

Healthy life style — this is the best way to tell veins varicose veins in the legs and many other diseases "no!"

Step 1. The movement — life.

Swim — a universal Form of physical activity that is virtually free of contraindications. Water applications are best for the prevention of varicose veins, such as well-toned vessels. Good help in the fight against the disease of the veins is also walking distance. For example, to the top of the escalator or the stairs. Only without the heavy bags, please. Two stops to the metro to go to track better on foot, than to go on the Transport. And at home, you can do the most basic exercise "Cycling" in the supine position.

Step 2. The elegant helper.

Of the fatigue and heaviness in the legs modern compression help stockings: knee-highs and tights. These are available in pharmacies and doctor picked up strictly individually based on the parameters of the legs. Views of the therapeutic tights are not less beautiful and fashionable than the ordinary. In addition, to help the blood vessels to be better with the increased burden.

surgical procedures

Step 3. Tasty and useful.

First, a severe burden on the blood vessels of overweight there. So, if you have a few unwanted pounds, it is better to get rid of them. Secondly, diet with the aim of prevention of varicose veins should walls on the strengthening of the vessel. These include such vitamins as ascorbic acid and Rutin, the strawberries, sea buckthorn, raspberries, citrus fruit, Aronia,, rose hips and Rowan wear. And the ordinary book of quercetin wheat is rich in natural antioxidant that strengthens blood vessels, only the blood, but also Anti-cancer properties.

Step 4. Beauty without sacrifice

Comfortable shoes with a heel not higher than 4 inches — the optimal choice for every day. On high-heeled shoes, the bent state is forced, in consequence of the disturbed nutrition of the small vessels of the toes, results in a venous congestion, edema in the ankles and calves.

Step 5. Care and support

For the prevention of varicose veins in the legs helpful legs to rinse off after showering with cold water. You can even. Massage: stroke from the bottom to the top from the foot to the groin For the veins to dangerous overheating, therefore, if there is a predisposition to varicose veins are on the legs, better, a steam room, and Sauna exclude from his life. And also not to miss sun bathing. UV-light reduces the elasticity of the tissue and the venous walls, and leads to the formation of varicose veins. Sunbathing is possible, but not at noon, but up to 11 o'clock and 17 o'clock in the evening.

Yes, varicose veins on the legs — it is a chronic disease. However, the timely prevention of varicose veins helps to prevent disease and reduce the risk of possible complications.