Varicose veins in the legs: causes and treatment methods.

Each woman wants to look the legs were always in Top shape. But what if, one day, in front of the mirror standing, place the feet covered unlikable, vascular "stars"? Mask will not work. Not be ignored, as these will continue to be "decoration", it is only brighter and bigger. Because for always put your pants on do not agree, the tempting prospect.


Conservative Treatment

In the early stages of varicose veins reversible and a responsible approach to the treatment were completely eliminated. In other cases, for dealing with enlarged veins recourse to conservative therapy with medications, intravenous correction means, and a special compression underwear. Each of the this type of treatment has its indications for the prescription and the specifics of the impact on the sick Co Organ.

  1. The drug therapy. Implies oral use for a certain period of time phlebotrophic medication phlebotonics, anticoagulants, and antioxidants — contribute to the strengthening of the blood vessels and reduce their brittleness, better dilution of the blood, and to normalize the blood circulation, the excretion of accumulated toxic substances to investigate. For topical treatment, a tonic, analgesic, calming to be used, and relieves swelling gels and ointments. In the therapeutic complex of vitamins of group administered, And, To, etc.
  2. Sclerosis of the arteries. The method involves the use of special medications by the nature of the bonding of the affected varicose veins from the inside. Whereby back flow is stabilized and is already taking place through the healthy vessels. The process to become invasive, by intravenous administration of the solution. Ordered in a certain condition of the blood vessels and the small size of the venous node.
  3. Ozone therapy. A part of the cosmetic medicine and the effect on the interior of the container of the cold ozone-with the aim of bonding the cause of the place. The method actively applies for the rearing of unaesthetic vascular veins with the surface of the skin. Effective in the early stages of the disease. To achieve the desired result, it suffices only a few treatments.
  4. Compression therapy. Consists of a wearing a special medical kits to different parts of the feet the pressure of various intensity, which in turn helps to reduce the load on the veins and restoration of circulation. The constant use of corrective underwear protects the vessels of the expansion and development of thrombosis. Determination in accordance with the compression garment is prophylactic (the smallest compressive force), curative (worn only during the exacerbation of Venosa) and hospital (to be applied post-op time in the hospital). Available in the Form of tights, stocking, Golf and elastic Bandage. Selection of compression of the Laundry is carried out only on the recommendation of the doctor.
Varicose veins in the leg

Symptoms of the development of varicose veins on the legs

Especially, the visible signs of varicose veins in the legs occurs on the surface of the skin of the feet network of thin veins. Such symptoms occur mainly in the area of the hips. To examine such varicose veins, the network that is most easily, in the case of people suffering from Cellulite. Sometimes, exactly, Cellulite is a kind of harbinger of varicose veins. Often in the case of Cellulite fat deposits venous vessels are compressed, and, finally, the blood circulation and varicose veins complicated arises. Capillary Mesh on the legs, the call in the early varicose veins, and telangiectasia. Note, however, that these symptoms may be signs of varicose veins, and the temporary Manifestation of the inflammatory process.

In some cases, about the beginning of the varicose veins show swelling in the legs. However, this is a sign and a Symptom of other diseases (heart failure, renal Urolithiasis) can. Therefore, clearly, in this case, to say about the development of varicose veins the diagnosis. Symptom of varicose veins is also the manifestation of pain in the legs is often. The pain can be sharp, but also a nagging signs. Usually in case of varicose veins, the pain manifests itself in the calves. It occurs predominantly in the second half of the day, after a certain amount of strain on the legs. So, the man who observed the formation of the capillary Mesh, recurrent symptoms of pain and swelling, should consult a doctor and against the necessary investigations.


Often varicose veins are the Patient of a certain cosmetic complaints. But apart from that, he can get a strong feeling of heaviness in the legs, night cramps may occur in the legs gradually, trophic changes occur. Visually, a leg ulcer can also provides a particularly noticeable "stars" of the small vessels, and very large nodes and plexus, which are particularly apparent when a Patient remains in an upright Position. If a Palpation of the veins, then determines their elastic elastic consistency, they are easily pressed together. Kaza node, a higher temperature can varicose veins than the other areas. If a Person takes a horizontal Position, the tension of the veins subsides, and the nodes are less pronounced. If in the development of the disease the person is not thinking about how to treat varicose veins, the disease progresses and gradually a feeling of fatigue, constant heavy legs and the feeling of the swelling, adds to the above-described symptoms in their tissues, sometimes cramps can manifest. If there is swelling, they disappear after a long rest in the night.

The diagnosis of the disease

For an accurate diagnosis of varicose veins, as well as the determination of the degree of its severity, with special techniques of research. The default Schema when accessing the survey, the largest and consists of the following procedures:

  1. Survey of the history of the disease, the possible risk factors and causes;
  2. Visual inspection of the patient by the exchange of the last positions, as well as the Palpation places the defeat of the veins;
  3. Laboratory examination of the blood;
  4. Ultrasound color duplex sonography of the arteries of the lower extremities, with the implementation of a medical report, to measure the speed and direction of the current, a map of its movement, the reaction and clear picture of the blood vessels;
  5. An x-ray of blood vessels (venography) with the application of contrast agent for the determination of the appearance and the shape of the veins, functionality of the valves and direction of blood flow.
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Often these methods of investigation it is sufficient to determine the precise clinic, however, in certain cases, the use of additional diagnostic procedures:

  • Three-dimensional CT (computed tomography) with venography;
  • Photoplethysmography, the use of infrared and light radiation a photo-resistance or of the;
  • Plebiscitary based on the application of radionuclide isotopes, and flavomaculata, the dynamic investigation of the venous pressure of the lower extremities;
  • Lymphoscintigraphy, the about the state and the extent of the changes in the lymph nodes.

The need for the application of this or that method of the diagnosis of the doctor, due to the complexity of the Situation and the individual clinical parameters of the patients. Timely, well-implemented and well-chosen method of investigation you can determine the Position of the superficial and deep veins and form in accordance with the indicators for the exact Schema of the therapeutic process.

The treatment of varicose veins on the legs

In addition to the Standard treatments with good effect, the recipes of folk medicine, used since long for the treatment of varicose veins bring. Varicose veins-treatment of folk medicine practice can be used in parallel to conventional therapy. Good effect on varicose veins massage brings showers of application. This Massage can be during the daily shower. Water jet should only draw those areas where the visible symptoms of varicose veins. The Massage begins with warm rays, but the water should be cold with the passage of time. You can also contrast-Massage, alternating hot and cold water apply. It is important that this Massage ends with cold water jets.


How to treat it

Varicose veins in men treated on the legs in a holistic way will need to. Form of therapy developed, taking into account the stages of the disease, prevalence of the pathological process, the presence of complications and other factors. Conservative methods of treatment of varicose veins without surgery to use in the early stages of the disease. With their help, you can stop the Progression of the disease, strengthen the walls of blood vessels, increase the tone and elasticity of the veins, normalize blood circulation and to prevent the development of the signs of stagnation. An important role in the treatment of diseases, the application of the compression plays in stockings. Special hose hosiery socks provide pressure to the entire length of the legs, do not allow the Stagnation of the blood, support the muscles, prevents the development of edema. After the night's sleep out of the bed. Knitwear individually for the people, because every product there are different degrees of compression.

Which doctor treats varicose veins

To the doctor for varicose veins treatment of varicose veins in the legs must as early as possible. To do this, you need to know, what doctor varicose veins treated. It should therefore go first and foremost to the local therapist or doctor. After the visit to the specialist the direction on consultation to the doctor, the varicose veins will heal, it is flebologia. It is a narrow specialist, the provider is responsible for the diseases of the veins. If the specialized doctor for varicose veins are lack of in the clinic or in the hospital, treating all types of diseases of the blood vessels angiologist or surgeon concerned. In the case of the necessity of surgical treatment of the veins with varicose veins on the legs, a doctor should be consulted-the phlebologist or sosudistomu surgeons. In the days of the clinic with similar problems, the surgeon of the public profile is concerned.

Examination by a doctor

Surgical Procedures

You can cure varicose veins forever the only way — through a surgical procedure. However, every Operation is accompanied with some risks, so that they resort, preferably only in the case of significant changes on the part of the vessels. With the help of surgical treatment is able to completely remove varicose veins. In the case of varicose veins treatment, taking into account the peculiarities of the disease. The main methods are:

  • Laser-Removal. With the help of the laser beam wasted on the problematic veins of the small diameter know. In them the circulation of the blood stops, with time, your roof window is growing together. The uniqueness of the method consists in the accuracy of the impact that the surrounding tissue is not damaged. The control is carried out via an ultrasonic sensor. The procedure is less traumatic, requires no special training on an outpatient basis.
  • Sclerotherapy. To varicose veins remove in the vessel lumen in a special substance sclerosant. The drug causes a fusion of Vienna with subsequent resorption. The procedure is done without anesthesia, the duration should not exceed 30-40 minutes. After the Manipulation the Patient for a few days, a special compression stocking to wear. Sclerotherapy is effective in the fight against cardiovascular and asterisk offers mesh, telangiectasia, enlarged and gnarled blood vessels, as well as in the case of serious diseases.
  • Mini-phlebectomy. On the skin small holes, through which the removal of the affected blood vessels are carried out. The procedure is under local or General anaesthesia. Mini-phlebectomy is used in the fight with winding and broken veins.

The possibilities of the prevention of varicose veins

  1. People from at-risk groups, especially with a hereditary predisposition, which they do regularly visit flebologa and ultrasound, the diagnosis of the disease in a very early stage.
  2. You should regularly do exercises for the legs when you are sitting for a long time.
  3. In the ration the food, and the berries to improve the working of the liver – tomatoes, carrots, olives, apples, blue to. Thanks to the good work of the liver, the blood is not stagnant and fluidized.
  4. Prevention of constipation requires, because of the regular constipation is a direct cause of the Stagnation of blood in the legs.
  5. Need to relax completely, especially women, in 2-3 times more time to recover than men. Must be you with a little raised legs, and swelling and fatigue a foot bath with sage, chamomile or calendula.
  6. In the hot season you need to drink so much – a minimum of 2 litres per day and not long in the sun. Otherwise, the density and viscosity of the blood increases.
  7. Very helpful for a swim. While the legs are cooled, and work well in a horizontal Position.

Surgical phlebectomy, vein stripping surgery is active with various mini. The Operation Troyanov-Trendelenburg very traumatic, is today rarely used. Phlebectomy can be cut with minimal puncture, by the of Vienna with the aid of tools or special thin probe. Ill Co to recover quickly, almost no pain after surgery and a few days later, already back in the normal mode.

In the case of delayed or improper treatment of the lower extremities varicose veins may be due to the development of a thrombosis or Thrombophlebitis. These diseases occur suddenly and not in connection with the exposure to negative external factors (e.g., intense physical activity). Has accompanied the Patient to a significant and fast-edema, spreading to the whole leg strong pain Expander nature. In some areas of the skin, local pain, redness or blue coloring may occur. The Migration of a separated Thrombus in the vessels of the lungs develop a serious complication of a thrombosis of the lower extremities, such as a pulmonary embolism can.