What you can't do with varicose veins and what?

The diagnosis of varicose veins, annually, millions of people around the world. To the great regret, the sought-after "pill" of this disease is not yet been invented, therefore, must be able to live with him. In many cases, you have to radically change your life to.

You can start with the increase of the physical activity on the body, the adjustment of the diet and, if necessary, to lose weight, but this should be correct. Therefore, in our today's article we will describe in detail what varicose veins, what is indicated is absolutely contraindicated.

In the case of varicose veins are not "passive"

In the presence of varicose veins is not recommended that you lead a sedentary or sedentary, as this inevitably leads to a deterioration of the veins. The body needs a regular and, above all, proper physical activity, promotes the improvement of blood circulation.

To take a shower in the presence of varicose veins makes sense, at least temporarily, to contrast or to do feet up and pour over after showering with cold water. You better start with cold water, gradually lower your temperature.

In the case of varicose veins, you may not lead a sedentary way of life

With this objective, it is recommended, at least temporarily, access to a Pool, swimming is an ideal sport for people with varicose veins. In the water the load on the lower limbs are missing, and the blood much better through the veins circulates through the external pressure of the water. In the Pool you can swim easily, and you can do water aerobics.

Also useful for varicose veins Hiking on medium distance. When the muscles of the lower extremities are going to start to contract actively and extrusion of the stagnant venous blood. Therefore, you need to keep it a habit to walk every evening for at least 20-30 minutes at a moderate pace.

People whose professional activity is associated with a long-term position or sitting should be regularly throughout the working day to perform light exercises. It consists of only two simple exercises:

  • Squats. During the sit-UPS are reduced in the muscles of the legs and forces the blood. To Crouch you only 10-15 times;
  • Perekaty. For the exercise, it is necessary to be straight, the legs shoulder-width apart and perform 10-15 fords with the heel of the sock;

Such a burden for seated or standing work promotes the flow of blood and thus the load on the diseased veins is reduced. The exercises take no more than 1-2 minutes, and to bring to use with the interest.

In the case of varicose veins can span to do rod, it is a good opportunity for the Training of the blood vessels and the muscles. Also you can do some Asanas from the Yoga, not the various distortions of the legs. Even Yoga is helpful in varicose veins, if you approach it with caution, after consultation with the Yoga therapist.

What to do with varicose veins?

In this disease is strictly the increased physical load on the legs is prohibited, and working with a load (barbell, weights). So, Jogging, aerobics and Bodybuilding are best forgotten. The fact that during the execution of heavy exercises, work with the cargo and enters the blood actively in the legs, back, bags, and accumulates there. Therefore, the physical load excessive on the veins, inevitably leads to a deterioration of the disease, it is necessary to exclude. With this objective, should stop, jumps, static load, and Martial martial arts.

Strictly prohibited in the case of varicose veins, sit with your legs crossed. In this Position, the outflow of blood is stopped is from the veins, and remaining stagnant in the lower extremities. Therefore, you must wean yourself of this addiction.

In the gym with varicose veins is possible, but not required, to only certain exercises that do not increase the blood flow to the lower extremities. To do this, it is better to hire a personal Trainer, so he developed an individual training plan for you and bring benefit and not harm.

Women it is prohibited to carry in the case of varicose veins of high-heeled shoes. Replace the comfortable models in flat shoes. This is very important to make sure necessarily!

Not to mention the fact that it is impossible, in the case of varicose veins, it would be strange to mention it in bathrooms, saunas and other types of paired – these are the best "friends" of varicose veins. Under the influence of the high temperatures, all of the blood vessels in the body, the veins enlarge even more fill with blood and even more stretched. Therefore, such places for Hiking are strictly prohibited.