11 home remedies for varicose veins

Herbal tincture for varicose veins

Restore beauty and health to your legs!

Phlebeurysm. It's hard to imagine a worse disease! The point is not only that the legs with varicose veins lose their attractive appearance, with this disease, swollen veins also cause a lot of painful sensations. This is a cosmetic problem - everyone wants their legs to look healthy, and protruding veins do not adorn anyone.

But you also need to remember that varicose veins are a serious body malfunction. Blood cannot circulate freely, it stagnates, and therefore knots appear on the veins, the veins swell. . . It's good that this terrible annoyance can be eliminated with simple home remedies.

Find out what will help, if you do not get rid of varicose veins, in order to precisely reduce the visible and hidden manifestations of the disease.

1. Chili pepper

Even if you don't like spicy foods, at least eat chili peppers occasionally. It thins the blood very well, improves metabolism in the body. This is useful for varicose veins - the blood clots in the swollen veins will gradually dissolve thanks to the chilli pepper.

2. Garlic

Garlic is not only useful for varicose veins. Make sure you are making a garlic alcohol tincture. Rubbing the veins with this tincture will reduce inflammation and tighten blood vessels. This will make the protruding veins much smaller.

3. Vinegar

Use apple cider vinegar to make your lotions. Apply a generous amount of vinegar to the cloth and put a compress on it. Bloated and tired veins will feel better right away!

4. Aloe

Aloe has a cooling effect. Aloe juice constricts blood vessels very well. After a busy day, smear problem areas on your feet with aloe juice - you will feel immediate relief.

5. Mint tincture

To make a peppermint tincture to lubricate affected veins, you will need 2 liters. Water, mint leaves, chamomile leaves and bay leaves. Bring the water to the boil with the herbs and let it steep. Wipe with tincture of veins, a bath with the addition of this agent is also very effective.

6. Carrot cream

Put aloe juice, 1 carrot and a little apple cider vinegar in a blender. When you have a creamy mass, apply it to the areas that are worrying on your legs.

7. White clay

White clay and clay with added minerals have a good effect on blood circulation in the deep layers of the skin. Make firming clay masks for your ailing legs.

8. Relaxing bath

Pamper yourself and your feet with a sea salt and apple cider vinegar bath. It is also very useful to massage the feet, it will increase the healing properties of the bath.

9. Olive oil and essential oils

Rub the problem areas with olive oil, you can add a few drops of various essential oils. It is very beneficial for the skin and stimulates metabolic processes.

10. Strong black tea

Drink plenty of hot tea to keep the blood from thickening. Compresses made of tea-soaked fabric also work great on veins and relieve swelling.

11. Diet

When you have a problem as serious as varicose veins, watch out for proper nutrition. Eat enough fresh fruits and vegetables and be sure to eat nuts. Regularly check the condition of your legs with a doctor, because varicose veins increase the risk of blood clots in the veins and this is very dangerous!

Take care of yourself, take care of your body. If you take good care of yourself, many health problems can be alleviated and some diseases can be cured. These natural remedies are available, but they work just as well as expensive drugs. See from your own experience how these substances help combat the unpleasant manifestations of varicose veins.