Varicose veins – a pathology, as a result, expand the superficial veins, and you get venous insufficiency of the apparatus, which impair the blood circulation. Varices is a frequent pathology is a disease, and although in most cases, require a surgical procedure, there is the need for constant therapeutic treatment. Among the risk factors of varicose veins diseases due to metabolic disorders; occupations require a long-term presence in the upright Position; endocrine System; bad habits such as Smoking and the abuse of alcoholic products; there is a surplus in the diet food, the peppers.


The Problem of the origin of varicose veins is more understandable when we know properties of the veins of the circulatory system. Morphological differences of the veins of arteries lies in the fact that the muscular layer of the venous wall is not, therefore, you is capable of on the cuts, which are a leading factor in the creation of the direction vector of white blood cells in the blood flow to. The blood in the veins flowing out of the skin and muscle tissue through the venous vessels on the surface. Then it goes in communicatig veins – in the veins, in which there is a connection between the superficial and deep veins. Here the venous valve apparatus operates in one direction only. So the blood through the superficial veins and does not have the option to revert back to me. This causes an accumulation of venous blood in the deep veins. To further compress the muscles during the movement of the lower extremities venous vessels of the legs. So the blood flow is directed into an area of the heart muscle. An extension of the superficial veins under the condition of high pressure, is forced the cause of incomplete closing force of the valve, and the blood to go back. This leads to the formation of varicose veins, characterized by the presence of swelling, bluish coloration of the surrounding tissue and nodes, as a possible consequence of the development of venous ulcers.

Causes of varicose veins

One of the most controversial causes of varicose veins is the hereditary factor. Proved that varicose veins are hereditary, but found that for some families, the percentage of the disease is much more common than others. The leading causes of varicose veins on the today's day as a way of life, diet and hormonal balance of the people.

To overweight is the main reason for the development of varicose veins is assumed to be a metabolic disorder, leads. The higher the degree of this disease, the higher the probability of the symptoms of varicose veins. Obesity arises as a consequence of an inactive lifestyle and counterfeiters diet. Today, the population of the planet is forced, the consumption of foods with a high degree of processing. And herbal products consisting of substances, strengthens the vascular wall and the intra-abdominal pressure, almost missing in the diet.

In addition, the incorrect organization of the work of the people also leads to obesity. While the people sitting either long or long. This homeopathically poorly on the valve System of the veins. A Negative impact on the veins have a serious types of work in connection with lifting heavy weights or jerky movements.

Varicose veins in men occurs when the increase in the load on the lower limbs. Traffic jams in the area of the superficial veins may also occur due to the long rides or flights.

Wearing tight-fitting clothes, like a tribute to fashion trends, is causing compression inguinal veins, and this Element of the wardrobe, like a corset can pressure to high intra-abdominal. Please note that the wearing of shoes, the foot rests on High Heel and uncomfortable, has a great deal of damage.

Frequent pregnancy in women characterized by the development of chronic venous. Rising, the uterus is able to increase the intra-abdominal pressure, the production of progesterone, the venous wall is not adversely affected and destroyed the collagen in the composition of the fibers. If a pregnant woman in the history of the clinic of osteoporosis, rheumatoid Arthritis, this leads to a change in the hormone levels as a cause of varicose veins.

The degree of varicose veins

Chronic constipation, cough, bph can cause regular natural line. Such people are often varicose veins are prone to the development of processes. Surgical interventions with General anesthesia, can also cause varicose veins. Often deep vein thrombosis is a consequence of congenital malformations of the circulatory system. This is the elasticity of the veins, which causes your sprain bothered.

Varices Stage

There are four stages of varicose veins.

The first stage of varicose veins is called the state of cosmetic disorders. Of the veins, and heterogeneity of their structure manifested by swelling. To dense of Vienna, forming nodular elements. Stagnation in the flow of blood not yet, but the progression of the process leads to a Thrombophlebitis .

The second stage of varicose veins marked in red irritability, rapid ermdbarkeit, the lower extremities are "heavy", in case of longer noticeable fatigue appears to go. In humans, the characteristic symptoms of memory disorders, General condition worsens, you may incur one of the symptoms of insomnia. In this stage, the varicose veins lack of oxygen occurs in the venous system, what is the cause of well-marked swelling of the legs. To identify these edema easy to the remaining trace on the skin of the sock. In the night the patient the convulsions of the lower extremities in the area of the calves notice. This leads to the fact that the Patient sleeps poorly and often feelings of numbness wakes up in the region of the calf muscles. This characteristic shows that it is a reinforcement of the lack of oxygen to the tissues. The second stage of varicose veins requires an urgent consultation of the expert.

The third stage varicose veins characterize trophic changes of the medial surface of the Tibia. Well-visible brown elements of the skin that is dry, lifeless and brittle. Develop Dermatitis, accompanied by an intense itching and rash of the lower extremities. Swelling greatly worried sick, now it can be localized in different areas of the legs. A feeling of heaviness of the lower extremities, patients describe it as a feeling of bloating of the muscle tissue. Seal blend together and, in the case of mechanical damage to tear, which leads to the formation of erosive changes. At the slightest physical burden on the patient even more fatigue manifests itself. This leads to weakness, poor sleep, depressive States, due to the Stagnation of blood in the vessels.

Prevention of varicose veins

The fourth Phase of varicose veins characterized as a Phase in the occurrence of complications. The most dangerous of them inflammation of the walls of the veins, the formation of venous ulcers, which are poorly treatable; bleeding, inclined in consequence of the violation of the integrity of the seals and venous insufficiency, to chronic include.

Prevention of varicose veins

In the implementation of the prevention of varicose veins two objectives. The first goal focuses on the prevention of occurrence of varicose veins in people who do not suffer. The second objective of the preventive measures to avoid a further development of the disease for those already affected varicose veins. These actions will not only help to avoid a recurrence of the disease, but also not a pathology allow lead to complications.

Varicose veins is characterized by a chronic course and full recovery is not subject. But, varicose veins can interrupt you. For this prophylaxis, a period of rest and diseases that tend to frequent exacerbations should. Varicose veins are a reflection of the General state of the human organism. It is for this and prevention, which need to be integrated. To avoid the formation of varicose veins, even if a Person has the ability to by inheritance to acquire. Suffice it to spend proofreading food to lead an active lifestyle, on your health care.

First of all, you need to purchase medical compression stocking. Better to give the preference to the king's meadow, tights and stockings. You also need to control your weight because large pounds provoke the progression of the varicose veins. The abuse of cigarettes and alcoholic products homeopathically a negative impact on the blood vessels of the lower extremities, i.e. in the diagnosis of varicose veins, it is desirable as quickly as possible, abandon bad habits.

Warns the warikosnoje extension of the application of light Massage of the lower extremities. This type of prevention is good for use in the initial stage of varicose veins. You need to keep a light caress on the palm of the hand along the legs to the foot. Massing continued for about ten minutes and is best in the morning immediately after CS. In some cases it is helpful with varicose veins Massage the loin draw, because in this area the nerve endings, Stimulate muscles and blood vessels of the legs.

Hygiene of the lower extremities

Hygiene of the lower extremities is an important part of the preventive measures in case of varicose veins. For your feet should care, special attention to the area of the inter-digital requires. In the case of damage to the skin with varicose veins, treatment of any anti-lazy plant. This measure is important because the wear and tear, scratches, maize, abrasion are the point of entry for infectious pathogens and can lead to the inflammation of a vein . Not bad for the strengthening of the vascular wall, the use of alternating showers or cold needle-baths will.

Chronic fatigue syndrome are the veins normal functioning. This condition requires removal an urgent stress. That is why it is so important, while you visit a specialist to be able to prescribe medication that has a calming effect. In addition, you can help a course of Meditation, focused on the acquisition of stress resistance.

It is proved that varicose veins are in direct connection with constipation, the result of diseases such as dysbiosis of the intestine, chronic colitis, and others. Voltage in disturbed bowel movement creates pressure in the small pelvis and the blood circulation, breaks in the venous circulation of the lower extremities. In this case, the diet enrich should of food, the dietary fiber. Then the intestines will work without fail and stimulating factor is excluded.

If the Job involves physical exertion, you need to change your profession. If this is not possible, you should frequently change the Position, give the possibility to the feet for relaxation. For these legs to be put on the Available and all 60 minutes to get up to perform simple exercises. In addition, he tilts the foot to the other – very bad habit, so there is no need to do it.

Honey for varicose veins

In the preventive purposes, you can varices recourse to folk medicine. So very useful for the venous system (not only) of honey. Mezoterapia is a source of useful compounds. In case of intolerance to honey products, you need substitute for a tincture of Aralia, lemongrass, or Ginseng.

It is worth mentioning about the dangers of shoes with high heel. Also in the case of varicose veins harmful tight shoes. To do this, you need to replace the shoes to be comfortable, so that your heel is not higher than four inches. In the implementation of preventive measures as often as possible to walk with bare feet at home should.

Exercises for varicose veins

Prevention of varicose veins includes a range of specific exercises. He needs for the Training of the thighs, buttocks, and lower legs, the important parts of the body. Strengthen varicose veins, you need to avoid or interrupt a pathological process. Phlebologists called developed exercises to improve the circulation in the blood stream and prevent the formation of blood clots.

The data for the exercises has a number of requirements: version of in the morning or evening hours, the duration of the cycle not more than fifteen minutes with a break of five minutes. If the feeling of fatigue, movement should stop in the case of varicose veins and refresh after recreation.

One of the most common exercises for sufferers of varicose veins is a matter which is in the lie on your back for two minutes, with raised above the level of the body by the legs. For the granting of the lower extremities in the desired Position, you can put a pillow under them. Often the exercise "Bicycle". For this man to go, it pushes the muscles of the lumbar region of the surface on which it is located, then mimics the legs Cycling. Overwork is not. Must decide the pace, the power of the patient.

Exercises for varicose veins

You need to in the case of varicose veins of the foot of the lower extremities to exercise. The feet in the ankle joint bending and bending, twisting of the upper and lower directions. In exercises, the feet can take turns and share. The convenience of this gym is that it is sit easy to perform in the workplace.

A can serve of the methods of movement for varicose veins alternating showers. Beings back consists of a in the alternation of the hot water into the cold. This change of temperature has a massaging effect on the skin of the lower extremities. The duration of the procedure of about seven minutes.

The effectiveness of the complex activities in the case of varicose veins will only be achieved if the regularity of the implementation. In addition, the Training can be held together stockings with the use of ointment, with the wearing of compression and the application of other types of prevention Varicose veins is a serious disease, to prevent so that it is easier to treat.