What are the contraindications for varicose veins

Varicose veins are a high prevalence phenomenon that affects representatives of various professions. This diagnosis is often made on athletes, salespeople, office workers, and drivers. Of course there is no escape from genetic predisposition. When a problem is discovered, expect to receive treatment, change certain habitual moments of your lifestyle, and also refrain from some potentially dangerous acts.

What is not allowed with varicose veins? The list of contraindications will not be so small, each point must be described in more detail.

Eating red meat for varicose veins

Should I give up red meat because of varicose veins

The word “diet” has a depressing effect on many patients: it seems to be a boring, completely tasteless menu with many restrictions. Subconsciously, a person will search for reasons to discount the benefits of dieting for a particular disease. But it will be right from the start to use a different formulation - not diet, but medical nutrition. And it lies in the fact that the menu should contain only minimal products that negatively affect the condition of blood vessels.

You can be sure - that's all, from now on I won't eat a single piece of fatty meat. That means there is no more pork, beef or lamb on my table. What percentage of those who stay true to this promise? Of course it is negligible. In addition, is it really necessary to categorically reject animal feed that is familiar to the human body?

There are many misunderstood stereotypes and a huge layer of marketing products that assure us that there is no worse red meat. Finally, there are pseudo-experts who admonish their followers on social networks that eating pork and beef is a crime against yourself. Who should you believe?

You must think sensibly in everything.

Protein is the main building block of the body, in a certain sense a symbol for the life of the human body.

Yes, red meat is high in bad cholesterol, and if you eat it every day, don't expect good ones. But this is not a reason to turn down delicious beef borscht or steak, which is not on the table that often but is still included in the monthly menu? Natural fat meat can and should be eaten, but not to turn it into a product without which lunch is not lunch. Just reduce the servings and the frequency. And if varicose veins are diagnosed, and also lower this rate, because fatty meat increases the viscosity of the blood. But sitting on a chicken for the rest of your life is not an option at all.

Food bans

If you have varicose veins, you should not eat foods that cause fluid retention in the body and weight gain. Of course, you can dream that in your life you will never eat a single piece of cake - such rigor in relation to your diet is in the power of units. However, it is imperative to change the frequency of "harmful" products consumed. And how many times can you afford the same cake and there is still a lot to do.

Which foods should be minimized with varicose veins?

  1. alcohol. As you know, alcohol can dilate blood vessels, cells move fluid into the intercellular space, metabolism becomes confused, a person feels bad. In patients with varicose veins, even small doses of alcohol can cause pain in the legs and a feeling of heaviness.
  2. Marinades and smoked meat. These products retain fluid that is contraindicated in varicose veins of the legs.
  3. Jellied meat and strong broths. And this, at first glance, such harmless and even healthy foods contain a sufficient amount of extractive substances that negatively affect the viscosity of blood.
  4. Hot spices. They have a negative effect on blood vessels.
  5. canned food. It is believed that the refractory fats it contains are toxic to the vascular network.
  6. Salty food. Salt retains fluid and causes limb swelling. It is recommended that you cook foods without salt and then add salt to your serving.
  7. chicory. Don't get carried away as this product also dilates blood vessels.
  8. Baking, chocolate and cake. The main provocateurs of obesity. But even if your weight is okay, you are significantly limiting your intake of these fast carbohydrates.

This statement is beyond doubt: the more pronounced the varicose veins, the stricter the medical diet.

Sample menu for varicose veins

It is easier to understand the essence of some things with specific examples. You have varicose veins, you have decided to include your diet, read a lot of recommendation texts and. . . were at a loss. So what's there then? And what does a full menu look like for at least a day if you completely follow the rules?

Congee on the menu for varicose veins
  1. Breakfast. Congee (you can use milk). It is recommended to take brown rice. Add a few almonds or pieces of your favorite fruit to the porridge. Not very sweet ginger tea with a lemon wedge.
  2. Late breakfast. Seasonal vegetable salad, seasoned with olive or coconut oil.
  3. lunch. Light chicken soup, baked or steamed vegetables, steamed schnitzel. Herbal / green tea.
  4. afternoon snack. A cup of non-fat kefir, an apple, biscuits.
  5. dinner. Buckwheat porridge, a little baked fish. A cup of hibiscus tea or compote.

Difficult? No. The likelihood that you will be plagued by hunger is negligible. And if it does appear anyway, it's time to take your food seriously, with your eating behavior clearly not all right.

There is also reason to be optimistic: 21 days are exactly the same period of psychological and physiological getting used to new things.

New food picture including. So endure the right food for three weeks and after this cake you won't want it that way anymore.

Is it possible with varicose veins in the bathroom and in the sauna

With varicose veins, the body should be protected from overheating - absolutely every patient with such a diagnosis should know this. If you previously enjoyed soaking in a very hot bath and steaming your feet, leave those habits in the past.

But there are no clear statements about the bathhouse. Although apparently everything should be clear and precise here too. Many patients are surprised: why the doctor forbids going to the sauna, but he is not so categorical about the bath. And that is understandable, the sauna is dry heat, which has an extremely negative effect on varicose veins and other vascular diseases. Therefore, the categorical no. The bathhouse differs from the Finnish sauna precisely in its humidity. As the temperature is regulated, the person sweats. And if he goes to the bathhouse according to all the rules (time of stay, temperature, tea break), such a pastime is only beneficial to health.

Prohibited exposure to the sun with varicose veins

A contrast shower is also useful for varicose veins. This is a good, healthy habit for almost all people in general.

Everyone already knows how harmful it is to be in the sun, but few really can stand the ban. Excessive overheating is a real blow to a patient with varicose veins. It's not worth taking health risks on a whim. But you can and should go to the pool all year round. Swimming has a huge impact on blood circulation and is very beneficial for the overall health of the body. The legs are horizontal at the time of swimming, so there is no strain on the veins.

10 clear prohibitions

There are rules that patients with varicose veins must strictly follow. It often happens that the doctor from time to time reminds the patient of what should not be done with varicose veins, but the patient himself does not systematically follow these recommendations.

Think of 10 clear prohibitions:

  1. Hormonal contraceptives can no longer be used after the birth.
  2. Waxing is also prohibited.
  3. solarium - a direct risk of complications for a person with varicose veins;
  4. Shoes with high heels lead to a rapid progression of the disease.
  5. Tight pants, oversized tights - that also exacerbates the situation;
  6. It is impossible to gain weight, obesity leads to increased pressure, and the increased blood flow in the vessels weakens their walls.
  7. It is also dangerous to engage in high levels of physical activity, including sports.
  8. Take a hot bath, go to the sauna, you cannot steam your feet;
  9. It is dangerous to prescribe medication to yourself. Only drink what the doctor has personally prescribed for you.
  10. jogging - change the type of load, the exercise bike is more useful.

At the same time, you should not abuse your position: some patients, who have only heard the diagnosis of varicose veins, refuse any physical activity. However, a sedentary lifestyle will not prevent the disease from progressing. On the contrary, it is recommended to enroll in physical therapy classes to determine, under the guidance of a specialist, which exercises are most useful now.

Obesity and varicose veins

The metabolism is disturbed by a hormonal imbalance. It's a fact. But even with this fact you have to work correctly, interpret correctly. For example, when there is an imbalance of progesterone in a woman's body, serious menstrual interruptions occur. And why can there be problems with progesterone? For example, a woman eagerly loses weight, refuses any cholesterol, excludes all animal oils from the menu, then a lack of this cholesterol can lead to a lack of progesterone. After all, this hormone is made from both it and phospholipids.

Obesity and varicose veins

What does that mean? It follows that if a person with a history of varicose veins reads that animal fats are clearly harmful, he only eats vegetable oil, the body does not have a normal concentration of cholesterol, hence the lack of progesterone and, as a result, hormonal failure, with metabolic disorders. And that's overweight. Are categorical prohibitions so useful in this case? See for yourself, the answer is on the surface.

More diets. A woman has varicose veins, is overweight, literally reaches for her head, at the same time throws off all high-heeled shoes and fills the refrigerator with apples or kefir. Comfortable shoes are really important for varicose veins, but relying on dieting is not a smart move. Yes, many diets remove excess water from the body and then the weight returns.

And it's worth remembering: the human body changes all cells in just one year. Everything! Because what worked for the second time a year ago (for example the Ducan diet) will be absolutely useless self-torture. In addition, the body is "torn", it remembers the previous actions, the ways that helped lose weight. And the second attempt is blocked by intelligent defense mechanisms.

Don't lose yourself on a tip from magazines, girlfriends, internet products or questionable reviews, go to an endocrinologist, check your hormone status and find out exactly what made you become overweight.

And with a full package of test results, contact your nutritionist. He will see your state of health based on the test results, he will know that you have varicose veins, and he will discuss your personal eating habits. Therefore, its recommendations will not be generally universal, but precise and targeted. Only in this case can you count on success.

Varicose veins and solarium

Varicose veins and solarium

Ultraviolet light itself is not harmful to deformed varicose veins. It is overheating that is dangerous and is caused by the rays. With the action of heat, the tone of the vein wall is definitely reduced, then its permeability increases, which leads to swelling.

Why is it dangerous to stay in the sun for a long time:

  • aggravation of venous congestion;
  • convulsive syndrome;
  • swelling of the extremities;
  • Impaired tissue nutrition;
  • thrombosis;
  • inflammatory process of the vein wall.

And the pathology only assumes dehydration, which is almost always associated with sun procedures. When there is a lack of fluid in the body, the blood changes its viscosity and density in a negative direction. The speed of blood flow through the vessels slows down, which is why venous stasis occurs. And an increase in blood viscosity is a direct danger of thrombophlebitis.

And those patients who take medication for varicose veins need to be extra careful with exposure to the sun, as the skin becomes more susceptible to ultraviolet light and the risk of sunburn increases.

Class in the gym with varicose veins

Is it possible to visit the gym

If you have previously attended the gym, varicose veins are not an obstacle to further training. But there are reservations here too. Before you start training on the simulators, you need to warm up well. This gives the opportunity to adjust to the work. It is important that blood flow normalizes.

The next point is the correct alternation of loads and rest.

After warming up, you can switch to the following computers:

  • Orbitrek;
  • coach bike;
  • treadmill;
  • rowing machine.

It is recommended to combine strength loads with cardio exercises. This gives the body a break.

The gym is acceptable for mild varicose veins, but even in this case, the duration of the training should be reduced if the usual rhythm of stress is present. Two workouts a week for half an hour is the best regimen. Before the class begins, visit a phlebologist to approve the training and you will have no doubt about the correctness of your actions.

Varicose veins during pregnancy

For the first time, a woman can experience an expansion of the venous network during pregnancy. According to reports, around half of all female representatives heard this diagnosis in the months of having a child.

Why are varicose veins found during pregnancy?

  1. Unfavorable inheritance. It consists in a genetic violation of the elastic properties of connective tissue (and those that make up the walls of the veins), as well as the weakness of the venous valves.
  2. Synthesis of so-called pregnancy hormones that affect muscle tone.
  3. Increased blood volume in the body, has a negative effect on the pressure in the venous bed, which leads to vascular dilation.
  4. Rapid weight gain in a short time - this puts a lot of strain on the lower body, legs and the veins themselves.
  5. Aggravation of the outflow of blood from the lower body due to compression of the femoral veins: the hollow lower and the pelvic cavity enlarged uterine cavity.
  6. Physiologically high coagulability in pregnant women (to prevent large blood loss during childbirth), and this is a prerequisite for thrombus formation.
  7. Restricted physical activity in a pregnant woman.

And even if there are no prerequisites for varicose veins in the future mother history, pregnancy itself can become a factor affecting the development of the disease. A pregnant woman should not reduce enough physical activity - walking, swimming in the pool can reasonably remain in her life. Remedial gymnastics in combination with exercises for a pregnant woman is a good prevention against varicose veins and their consequences.

On the recommendation of doctors, a pregnant woman should also wear special underwear and special compression stockings (stockings and tights). At this time, a woman should have time to rest in a lying position, and for this time her legs should be placed above the head of the bed.

If pregnant women have varicose veins, the contraindications are as follows: avoid spicy, fried and smoked foods, which cause fluid retention in the body. In addition, hot baths and saunas are prohibited for the expectant mother. A woman at this time needs to strictly monitor her weight, control the menu, take tests and undergo examinations in a timely manner.

What to do if you have varicose veins?

If you have been diagnosed with varicose veins, any amount of alcohol and cigarettes will only help with the progression of the disease.

To prevent the disease from developing, you need:

  • Walk in comfortable shoes with orthopedic properties;
  • At the first manifestations of the disease, use special knitwear.
  • Eat right, control weight;
  • Make sure you rest your legs during the day (at least 15 minutes).
  • Avoid excessive physical exertion and lift weights.
  • Hiking is possible.

Try not to stay in one position for long. Make sure you arrange a contrasting foot shower and start therapeutic exercises.

Remember all the contraindications for varicose veins on the legs and don't give yourself any reason to break these rules.