Signs of varicose veins of the legs in women

Female feet on the table

Varicose veins is the most common disease in adults, mainly in women aged 40-60 years. The disease is characterised by the instability of the valves of the blood vessels of the lower leg and thigh, as well as the dysfunction of the blood flow and pathological venous

The walls of the blood vessels, for various reasons, are not able to, their functioning, and their natural elasticity is completely lost.

Of a disease 18-20% of the population and approximately 50% of patients suffering in an advanced stage, no thoughts about the fact that you have a serious disease.

  • If broken structural structure of the walls of the blood vessels and reduces your sound, the deep veins of the legs uneven way extended. This pathology is actively promoting the excessive load on the lower extremities.
  • The blood ascending through the river bed of the arteries of the systemic circulation from the left ventricle, oxygen-rich and nutrient and carbon dioxide absorbed, and metabolic products, must upwards through the veins through the right ventricle into the lungs to get rid of unnecessary and get a new batch of the right feet substances.
  • The blood, rises to the top, not back to me, in the veins of the legs are valves. In the extended venous valves are not slammed-tight manner, and in this context, the blood is not completely out of the way, but only after the bottom is lowered and begins to stagnate. It is the next part, and then comes in the blood circulation.
  • In connection with the blood in the blood vessels veins gradually develop the red thrombiconsisting mainly of red blood cells. A blood clot forms the tail and the head, of the platelets to the vessel wall, and the tail remains for the adhesion of the blood.
  • Appeared blood clots permanently attached to the walls of the dilated veins , and is a very dangerous factor, since the clot, the way and walked in the bloodstream is a risk, because clogged a major artery.

The stage of the disease

Various experts distinguish between different stages of varicose veins, but are considered to be the most important 3 levels, Plus a beginner, if the disease check unnoticed manifested and it is only possible when the listen to the "signals" of the body:

  1. The stage of compensation. While there is a General increase in the veins does not appear, causing the claims of the patient and acts as a cosmetic flaw.
  2. Phase subcompensation. The availability of enlarged veins in the vicinity of the upper layer of the skin associated with an unpleasant feeling of heaviness and bloating, itching, high edema, spasm, contractions, paresthesia, and higher the irritability.
  3. The stage of decompensation. In such a Situation, the high swelling of the legs, the constant twitching and overflow of blood vessels are under the skin. Moreover, dilated veins are dense in the structure is clearly arranged and on the top layer of the skin.
  4. Difficult Phase. Coupled with the development of leg ulcers, Thrombophlebitis and phlebothrombosis, outer ugliness, the reason for the beginning of the inferiority complex.

In fact, from the 2. Stage of the disease, but better, and with 1 doctor should be consulted flebologia, since the disease is quite serious, and to take the sooner the right corrective measures, the faster it stops the progression to further stages of the disease.

We must bear in mind that each stage of the disease negative consequences for the organism is dangerous completely, not just the limbs. To know what to do with varicose veins, you need to visit flebologa.

Symptoms of varicose veins

Varicose veins in women has a number of symptoms to confuse the difficult with the other complaints. Not to miss the first Phase of the disease, you should know to take on the first signs of varicose veins and timely and appropriate measures.

Enlarged veins on the legs

The main symptoms of the disease:

  • The sensation of pain occurring in the extremities, a feeling of heat or of burning within the veins;
  • The severity;
  • Swelling of the lower extremities in the later period of the day;
  • Apnea during the night;
  • Enlarged Veins;
  • The skin of the lower leg is the emergence of a dark colour, the seals are likely to be trophic ulcer.

Noteworthy are also other signs of varicose veins is:

  • Well-known symptoms, so far only for the Phase of the knee and the rear surface of the lower extremities. If the skin is thick or is characterized by excessive body hair legs.
  • Easily palpable – damaged veins feel confused.
  • If the Patient was, the legs lift the mesh disappears, and when you get up again, thickening.
  • Feel the heaviness in the legs, dull pain, apnea. Often the Patient is complaining of burning. Aggravation occur in the evening or after a long stay on the legs.
  • The feet can swell, especially on the part of the soft parts.

Symptoms will be charged if no treatment in a timely manner. Trophic changes may continue to spread to the skin of the lower leg and the foot. The top layer dries, the color blue takes on, starts to swell.

In connection with the development of varicose veins you may observe:

  1. The Pigmentation.
  2. Seal.
  3. Trophic Ulcer.
  4. Disturbances in the nutrition of the skin.

If there were strange signs of illness, fever or lethargy, therefore, the Phase of the disease, complications following. There is extremely rare symptoms of bleeding during a Pause of the node. Most appear in the night.

The prevalence of advanced varicose veins, pathology, symptomatology paralyzes and often the cause of the later disability is. Higher swelling't sleep and gives peace of mind robs you of.

Sometimes the symptoms are so intense and painful that it affects the Central nervous system, and the General tone of the patient. In such a Situation, drastic therapeutic measures, because the pathology develops.

Causes of the disease

  • The causes of varicose veins are — the longer the accompaniment to of time, obesity, pregnancy, long-wear stockings or socks with a rubber band taut, a hereditary weakness of the connective tissue. All of the above relate to the original factors of the progress of the disease.
  • Varicose veins in pregnancy often occurs in the lower extremities, but sometimes the veins occur on the external genital organs. Although varicose veins are often only cosmetic cause, during pregnancy this can be a painful process.
  • Internal varicose veins especially by unobtrusive appearance, in fact, that is the nuisance. A part of the people feel severe complications. Vienna hurt, on the skin Pokrov ulcers are formed.
  • Varicose veins are formed in case of improper flow of blood in the veins. Experts have the research of the causes for this disease, other creatures unusual in the extent to which they are ill Co people.
    These include:
    • Two-legged. Scientists explain the disease of the feet due to high pressure. The column of blood up to the heart attack. It is particularly dangerous for those who for a long time on the legs.
    • Genetic Predisposition. For many people, the disease is a factor, be transferred to and from the parents. A similar probability of the disease can be avoided if you allow the creation of accompanying factors. Hereditary varicose veins are common in childhood.
    • Varicose veins Mesh on the leg
    • The peculiarity of the work, a passive life style. If the person moves a little — the probability of diseases. A part of the physicians to provide a disease call "Computer varicose veins".
    • Disturbances in the endocrine and hormonal System. In connection with the peculiarities of the female body time hormonal disorders the reason for the Stagnation of the blood. The unfavorable period – puberty, pregnancy, postpartum, menopause. Women turn to flebologia in a couple of times more.
    • Obstacles in the outflow of the blood through the veins. Appear as the mechanical formation of a blood clot, uterus Tumor.
    • Stress situations and nervous disorders affect the condition of the vessels. In the venous wall, there are nerve endings, thereby increasing the elasticity. While the increase in pressure in the veins, the influence of toxic substances, alcoholic drinks, loses the Lumen of the blood vessels in tone and expanded.
    • Arterial-venous anastomosis. Formed in connection with the pressure on the property arterial flow of white blood cells.
    • Muscle pump is located in the foot of the muscles of the calves, the whole time activation is required. Monitor it is extremely important to the health, not to lengthy complaints – cough, and heart attack.

Treatment methods

If varicose veins are detected, the Patient should understand that the therapy is lengthy and cumbersome.

Fully, the disease is not eliminated, but will stop exacerbation of the pathology, quite possibly:

  • Conservative therapy begin away, and the Patient, the diet must comply with in order to my weight, wear special clothes to get rid of excessive exercise, use the assigned sclerosing agent medication.
  • The drug agents include pharmacological group, position the blood flow to normalize the vessel wall to strengthen, ensure the elasticity of the walls of the veins, in a timely manner anticipating the formation of blood clots pathogenic.
  • Particularly popular in characteristic clinical pathology is the method of sclerotherapy, under the influence of special substances sticking together of the walls of the damaged vessel and its subsequent occlusion. Clinical and cosmetic effect, is cheaper, in addition, there are almost no contraindications.
  • If you are the possibilities of radical therapy, now popular Operation Troyanov – Trendelenburg, your goal – to artificially ligate large subcutaneous vein in the hips and eliminate advanced subcutaneous veins of the extremities. After the surgery, a long recovery, but the effect is positive, since a long Remission comes.
  • The laser therapy is carried out by intra-vascular influence of the thermal Laser energy to the vein wall and the thrombus, replaced with the help of the connective tissue.

The Operation of varicose veins is carried out only when necessary, or regardless of the tactics of the therapy and the stage of the disease.

Contra-indications in the case of varicose veins

During the varicose vein is prohibited:

  • To control your weight. Let it not be revealed to "overweight", but excessive tension on the legs is not conducive to the elimination of difficulties with the veins;
  • Continued passive life style, in connection with the pressure of the blood in the vessels to increase. The work on the feet needs a Massage every day, and exercises to improve blood circulation;
  • Do "Power" exercises — squats, or pushups with the weighting;
  • Strenuous exercises on a stationary bike, running, or Fitness, engage in active sports. Save up to the time of the doctor, and teaching allowed.
  • "Cupping" and "honey" massage. Excessive impact on the congested vessels can harm, in contrast to a mild self-massage, where neat legs fingering;
  • Eat hormonal agentswithout consultation with a professional. In the case of the primary symptoms of varicose veins, they should be investigated and inform the doctor about the application of hormones;
  • Wear shoes with a high heel. When the time to realize Thérapie, is not it will soon need to be complex because of the disease.

The Consequences, Complications

The clinical effect is dependent on the stage of disease identified. The faster the diagnosis, the higher the probability of a complete cure.

Otherwise, such negative effects can be:

  1. trophic ulcers;
  2. trophic eczema;
  3. open bleeding from the node;
  4. Deep Vein Thrombosis;
  5. post-thrombophlebitis disease;
  6. long-lasting venous insufficiency;
  7. the warikosnaja the trophic geschwr.

One of the most serious complications of acute Thrombophlebitis, is such features:

  • Redness;
  • Pain sensations;
  • measurable compaction and / or the position of the subcutaneous blood vessels.

Thrombosis of the varicose veins is the most common disease. Clots is a formation of blood in the legs in the Lumen of the deep veins. This disease is dangerous because it is often the case, quite healthy people.

Appear thrombi are carried out in the favorable course of the process, and in this case, in the case of therapy, they are organized, and then solve it. In this context, the recanalization of the vessel begins. The upper light can be completely blocked. So, the probability is higher obliteration and sclerosis of the damaged vein.

If the disease develops, there are factors that accompany the subcutaneous venous thrombosis. More flebotromboz occurs. Disease includes veins, the System of downs, starts thrombembolia pulmonary artery. In the case of rejection of the therapy occur in occlusion of the vessels of the extremities can, if you stop the outflow of blood, and gangrene appears.

Very important to know about the symptoms of this disease.


If a Patient falls in the group of risk in the course of life should follow certain measures for the prevention.

These include:

  • The competent construction mode of work and rest, this gives the possibility of a Downgrade orthostatic stress, which is extremely important, if there is a congenital predisposition.
  • The selection of the different States of the body, when you sit for a long time.
  • Rejection of the Position "foot for foot".
  • Renunciation of all things, heavily compress the legs, waist.
  • Long walks in a comfortable Shoe that does not press, without heels, and cleats, to the extent that only on holidays, with the condition of the minimum time you wear it.
  • The avoidance of constipation, increases the degree of pressure, the blood circulation in the small pelvis.


The staging of the leeches on the foot
  1. Bicycle tour (contributes to the improvement of the activity of the cardiovascular System).
  2. Swimming.
  3. Whereabouts in the rest of the feet on a pad.
  4. Regular charging in the morning and in the evening.
  5. Leech therapy.
  6. Bringing in excess weight.
  7. Diet a healthy diet.
  8. The rejection of bad habits, Smoking.
  9. Hot and cold showers.
  10. Drink 1.5 litres of fluid per day.
  11. A special System of exercises, all of which contribute to the effective drainage of the blood.
  12. The application of medicinal or herbal means of improving the Tonus of the vein wall.

These measures recommend to do-in most situations, to find the errors acute contraindications.

  • Preventive measures for varicose veins is very important, especially in the current society. Upon the occurrence of the initial symptoms of the disease can rules, observing easily, slow down the progress of the disease, to avoid a later development.
  • In the preventive purposes will not remain a long time under UV-irradiation. The above contributes to the reduction of the Tonus of the veins, contributes to the Stagnation of blood in the extremities.
  • Preventive diseases, you can't wear tight things, such as socks and hosiery with a rubber band taut, since such clothing in a gift to Vienna, what negative influence in the future on the health of the lower extremities. Do not wear high-heeled shoes.
  • Areas with these types of sports, such as Tennis, weight lifting, Bodybuilding, since such species contribute to an increase in pressure in the veins of the legs.
  • No need to sit around in the "feet to foot", in view of the fact that, during the throw of a king's meadow on the other is a certain barrier for the proper flow of blood in the lower extremities.