Varicose veins of the legs

Female legs without varicose veins

Varicose veins of the lower extremities, which are called varicose veins, is shown as an extension of the superficial veins of the legs, accompanied by the violation of blood flow and failure of the valves.

In the case of varicose veins of the legs extensions of the walls of the venous SAC type are to be formed. In this state, there has been an increase in the length of the wires, the serpentine tortuosity,
Insufficiency of the valves. Currently varikoznaya the disease is very common: it occurs in approximately 17-25 % of the people.

At a young age, before the onset of puberty, this disease develops when the representatives of both sexes with equal frequency. However, in the case of women in the adult age varicose veins occur twice as frequently as in men. A similar pattern can be explained by the significant hormonal changes during the onset of Menstruation, during the incubation of the child. To expand at the end of the tone of the veins weakened you, and is a violation of the venous circulation.

The causes of varicose veins on the legs

Today, the specialist support tend to be many theories that show why warikosnoje the enlargement of the veins on the legs. But speaking of the reason for this disease is to note the violation of the veins of the apparatus. As a result, the valves, the movement of blood make it difficult in the opposite direction. Therefore, full value is only blood flow occurs to the heart. The inadequate function of the valves of the veins can occur due to thrombosis, congenital valvular insufficiency, weakness of the walls of veins and other reasons.

In the case of valvular insufficiency of the veins in people who Stand on the legs, happens to the down flow of the blood under the influence of gravity to the bottom. While walking, the contraction of the muscles of the lower leg, the veins surrounding deep occurs. Accordingly, veins are emptied, and there is an increased venous pressure. In the end, comes the blood in the superficial veins, they are stretched, and is manifested varicose veins.

There is also a whole range of factors that fall short of a direct influence on the progression of varicose veins. In women, varicose veins often develops as a result of the pregnancy. In this time, in the female body, significantly increases the volume of blood. The womb presses strongly on the veins from the legs. In addition, during pregnancy the condition of the walls of the veins homeopath hormonal changes in the body and. In many cases, varicose veins in pregnancy are reversible, the he is, after birth, gradually disappears.

Very often varicose veins of the lower extremities shows itself in people, the forced in the course of work, for a long time. Another risk factor for varicose veins is obesity: overweight people have a place elevated intra-abdominal pressure and, as a consequence, the enlargement of the veins.

Often the veins Schlierbach in people who are prone to regular exercise. Something similar happens in the case of chronic constipation, cough, prostate adenoma , and other conditions. Varicose veins sometimes, surgery be a result of surgical on the feet.

Another factor, predisposing are varicose veins is an old man. Typically, In the course of time, ageing of the valves and the walls of the veins. At the end of the elasticity is lost and the veins are stretched.

Varicose veins often occurs in patients with thrombosis of the deep veins, with congenital malformations of the blood vessels.

Considering the factors that directly influence the development of the disease, it is important to distinguish primary and secondary varicose veins.

Symptoms of the development of varicose veins on the legs

Pain in the legs by a walk on the heels

Especially, the visible signs of varicose veins in the legs occurs on the surface of the skin of the feet network of thin veins. Such symptoms occur mainly in the area of the hips. Such varicose veins, the network easy to check, in the case of people suffering from Cellulite. Sometimes, exactly, Cellulite is a kind of harbinger of varicose veins. Often in the case of Cellulite fat deposits venous vessels are compressed, and, finally, the blood circulation and varicose veins complicated arises.

Capillary Mesh on the legs, which in the early varicose veins, call the telangiectasia. Note, however, that these symptoms may be signs of varicose veins, and the temporary Manifestation of the inflammatory process.

In some cases, about the beginning of the varicose veins show swelling in the legs. However, this is a sign and can be a Symptom of other diseases (heart failure, Urolithiasis, kidney). Therefore, clearly, in this case, to say about the development of varicose veins the diagnosis.

Symptom of varicose veins is also the manifestation of pain in the legs is often. The pain can be sharp, but also a nagging signs. Usually in case of varicose veins, the pain manifests itself in the calves. It occurs predominantly in the second half of the day, after a certain amount of strain on the legs.

So, the man who observed the formation of the capillary Mesh, recurrent symptoms of pain and swelling, should consult a doctor and the necessary investigations to undergo.

Often varicose veins are the Patient of a certain cosmetic complaints. But apart from that, he can get a strong feeling of heaviness in the legs, in the night can occur, crampsin the legs gradually occur trophic changes.

Visually, a leg ulcer can also provides a particularly noticeable "stars" of the small vessels, and very large nodes and plexus, which are particularly apparent when a Patient remains in an upright Position.

If a Palpation of the veins, then determines their elastic elastic consistency, they are easily pressed together. Kaza node, a higher temperature can varicose veins than the other areas. If a Person takes a horizontal Position, the tension of the veins subsides, and the nodes are less pronounced.

If in the development of the disease the person is not thinking about how to treat varicose veins, the disease progresses and gradually a feeling of fatigue, constant heavy legs and the feeling of the swelling, adds to the above-described symptoms in their tissues, sometimes cramps can manifest. If there is swelling, they disappear after a long rest in the night.

The diagnosis of varicose veins on the legs

The diagnosis of this disease is relatively easy. Professional inspected and questioning of the patient, is studying history. During further investigation, determined the condition of the valve stem and communicating veins, and a rating of the level of patency of the deep veins. There are a number of different samples, the condition of the veins and the degree of development of the disease.

If the Patient is taking place uncomplicated venous leg ulcers that are not applied in most a cases, instrumental methods of diagnosis.

The treatment of varicose veins on the legs

The Patient to the recording at flebologa

The conservative treatment of varicose veins, especially so those people will be assigned to, which is a clear contraindication for surgery.

Also, such treatment is contraindicated, if the Patient of mild varicose veins, it is only a cosmetic cause. The aim of the conservative therapy is prevention of further Progression of this disease. With this purpose, the patients will be recommended, tape of the legs, the affected varicose veins, elastic bandage act. In addition, compression shows stockings for varicose veins. People who have varicose veins have a tendency to or are already suffering from this disease, should in the course of the day on a regular basis-put the feet on a raise, lounging as a couple of minutes. There are also special exercises for the lower legs and feet to the activation of the muscle-venous pump function. It is a joints a regular extension and Flexion in the upper ankle joint and the knee.

The Patient should make sure that it is not the tightening of the lower leg and the thigh in the various objects of the toilet, as this can greatly complicate the flow of the venous blood.

With the help of the elastic compression, you activate the flow of blood in the deep veins, warn swelling, reduce the amount of blood in the subcutaneous veins, contribute to the exchange process of the body and the micro-circulation of the blood.

But, to achieve positive results, it is important to swathe the leg properly. This process should not rise in the morning, from the bed. Association of material starts from the toes up to the thighs, a slight tension in the connective sense should. During the bandaging necessarily need to be the heel and the ankle. Bandage at each turn of the limb must be half of the previous Tour cover. Buy they bind only certified elastic and compression stockings.

Treatment of varicose veins includes wearing comfortable shoes, the low heel and a stiff sole. It should not stand long, avoid physical exertion, to stay a long time in rooms with high temperature and humidity. To keep in the bedroom, the legs preferably in an elevated Position.

The patients should restrict fluid intake and salt, to try to get rid of obesity. For the treatment of varicose veins at regular intervals, medications - diuretics, agents for improving the Tonus of the veins. In addition, in the case of appropriate indication, the Patient prescribe drugs that stimulate the micro-circulation in the tissues. The therapy of varicose veins can also increase the intake of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Beautiful girl with healthy feet

If the Patient has neoslojnennaya Form of the disease, he shows sick exercises of gymnastics. Very useful are other water-swimming, treatments, foot bath with warm water, in a 5-10 % solution of the sodium salt of hydrochloric acid.

Very often used in the treatment of varicose veins local therapies are applied. But such treatment should be in combination with other medical products. Local remedy for varicose veins in the Form of gels, ointments, creams. In the composition of most of these drugs available Sour the purchase of land containing glycosaminoglycans or venoactive components. Ointment of varicose veins promote the normalization of the Tonus of the walls of the veins that can correct injuries to the lymph nodes and micro-circulation. In each of the local preparations in the composition there are several different current components.

If in the course of the varicose veins is the participation in a secondary infection, then it is advisable to the outer medium with antibiotics or antiseptics.

Since ancient times used for treatment leech therapy for varicose veins. The application of the leeches, the anticoagulant in the salivary glands, the blood, promotes the Resorption of blood clots, get rid of spider veins and varicose veins. To overcome in addition, leech therapy for varicose veins, pain in the legs, swelling. However, hirudotherapy, it is important already in the early stages of varicose veins. This treatment should not be used in people with hemophilia, anemia, hypotension, pregnant women.

But radical method of therapy of varicose veins is surgery. You lead with the goal of elimination of Veno-venous back flow. Such an Operation will not be performed if the Patient has accompanying diseases of the lungs, cardiovascular System, kidneys, liver. Such an Operation can not be performed by pregnant women, and people with purulent diseases. Modern technologies allow to apply for the implementation of such operations are endoscopic technique.

If a Person is only extended small branches, allows the use of sclerotherapy. This process involves the introduction into a vein sclerosing solution for the sticking together of the walls of the vein. Then, in other sections of Vienna, repeated injections continued, the by the complete obliteration of the vein.

In the case of varicose veins applies also for combined surgical therapy, is the removal of large tribes of the amended sclerotherapy of the veins, and small branches. After the surgery, the patient continues to wear an elastic bandage during a period of 8-12 weeks is recommended.

The treatment of varicose veins on the legs traditional methods

Foot bath

In addition to the Standard treatments with good effect, the recipes of folk medicine, used since long for the treatment of varicose veins bring. Varicose veins-treatment of folk medicine practice can be used in parallel to conventional therapy.

Good effect on varicose veins massage brings showers of application. This Massage can be during the daily shower. Water jet should only draw those areas where the visible symptoms of varicose veins. The Massage begins with warm rays, but the water should be cold with the passage of time. You can also contrast-Massage, alternating hot and cold water apply. It is important that this Massage ends with cold water jets. If the Massage produces, correctly, the areas of the skin, the Massage, redden. After this Massage the legs should RUB and then to give them medical ointment or Gel.

In the case of varicose veins therapeutic baths for the feet from decoctions of herbs, is also recommended. These baths should be warm. Good effect gives the application in the morning-bath Infusion of burdock root, birch leaves, nettle. This Infusion is to prepare, take a teaspoon of crushed herb and pour a Liter of boiling water. The Infusion should be stood for a couple of hours. The foot bath takes about 29 minutes. For increase of the Tonus of the blood vessels, the effective use of the same bathroom, the collection of herbs from the Infusion of nettle, chamomile, lemon balm and Oregano.

Prevention of varicose veins on the legs

Prevention of varicose veins includes a range of measures for the prevention of the symptoms of the disease. Every person useful keep your feet regularly raised, breaks in sedentary activities, not perezhimaya body wear underwear. A good method of prevention of varicose veins is showers exchange, the inclusion in the ration of the food, which is useful for blood, carry out some exercise. At the first signs of varicose veins, a doctor should be consulted, in order to prevent the progression of the disease.

Complications of varicose veins on the legs

Very often as a complication of varicose veins manifested by acute Thrombophlebitis of the superficial veins. Sometimes, due to the damage of rupture Varix and bleeding to happen. In the case of the discharge of blood nodes, the burst can be a very significant loss of blood.

In addition, it is due to the increase in pressure in the System of the veins there is a slowing of arterial blood flow. For this reason, may develop hypoxia and subsequent lack of oxygen. Due to the development of this condition can die of tissue boxes, that is a dangerous process for the body. Due to the pronounced Stagnation of the blood in the veins toxins collect in the tissues.

Complications of this disease is constipation Thrombus vessels, injury to the nutrition of the tissues of the feet, the origin of the pigmentation and tanning of the skin are always.

Gradually denser layer of subcutaneous adipose tissue, occur Dermatitis, venous trophic ulcers. In very rare cases, there is a rebirth of such ulcers in the malignancy.

If the disease lasts over a longer period of time, then the Person later may develop chronic venous insufficiency.

But the most dangerous complication of varicose veins is a pulmonary embolism. This disease is potentially fatal.