Varicose veins

In the case of varicose veins, venous wall, due to various factors, lose elasticity, firmness. Also, the disease can be provoked vessels is a violation of the integrity of the valves of the blood, thereby increasing the pressure followed by a Stagnation of blood subcutaneous vessels and veins is increased.

General information about varicose veins

In this article, we will understand, than by the appearance of varicose veins in the lower extremities, what it is, which faults are to effectively eliminate and back views of the legs.

Varicose veins on the legs

According to doctors, the cause is a genetic predisposition.

If the parents, Grand-parents were observed, this violation, this disease can be the progeny to pain.

This risk factor can be excluded, if the disease is diagnosed. It doesn't matter whether it expands the veins and blood of the legs or inguinal Vienna vessels, the Anal blood. If there is at least a relative of the observed pathology of the saphenous vein in the lower extremity, can sooner or later be observed in the offspring, the Manifestation of the symptoms.

Should exclude be careful prevention, possible risk factors, then relaxed Vienna feet is not stretched and does not lose elasticity. He should ensure that the proper care of the feet, are not subject to any of the factors in the emergence of varicose veins.

The main methods of prevention – the management of the mobile lifestyle, moderate exercise, the rare wearing of High Heels, and in the determination of the least symptoms you should check with your doctor, because even the smallest of problems can be a reason of the development of serious pathology.

The symptoms of varicose veins

The warikosnaja disease, the veins of the lower extremities, classified in the international practice on the stage, on the basis of the neglect of the pathology and the severity of the symptoms. Each level separately diagnosed, all selected from a variety of symptoms, on the basis of the method of treatment.

So, the symptoms that is a sign of varicose veins in the different phases:

  • In the first Phase of the subcutaneous veins in the lower extremities removable pattern and protrude have little true a little on the skin, visible small redness. The complaints are your doctor feeling of heaviness in the legs, evening swelling after a busy day. The cause of the swelling on the legs in the area of the ankles can an overly tight shoes, cramps are also possible. It should be noted that often painful sensations appear much earlier than the visible characters;
  • On the second level there is a typical appearance of the diseased veins in the legs: they are clearly visible on the skin and with the fingers of felt that look like knots or beads. With the progression of the lower extremities progresses, subcutaneous Vienna is visible and acquires the sinuous shapes of the dark blue or even black;
  • On the third stage of varicose veins is complicated, there are such signs, trophic changes of the veins in the legs, dry skin becomes pale, and, daily swelling, cramps. Often the symptoms manifest themselves in the fact that the feet are covered with a rash, itchy skin and scratches;
  • Symptoms of the fourth, the heavy Phase, inflammatory processes of the subcutaneous veins of the lower extremities, non-healing wounds, which are already difficult to treat. A crucial feature of this stage of the disease, the addition of a secondary infection and Thrombophlebitis, is. In the case of these forms of emergency departments in the hospital is necessary, the integrated use of methods of treatment of the whole organism.

Experts identify the most important risk factors:

  • hereditary disease associated with varicose veins on various parts of the body;
  • hormonal disorders can increase blood clotting, reducing the elasticity of the veins;
  • Obesity, ascites, resulting in increased load on the legs, accompanied by the walls of the veins;
  • Pregnancy or lifting heavy objects increase the pressure in the abdomen, which are also to a weakening of the vessel walls and varicose veins;
  • no stress for the legs, sedentary activity associated with the enlargement of the veins on the legs;
  • tight underwear, shoes, smaller size, and that a vein is pinched, wear heels, leading to a Stagnation of the blood circulation in the veins;
  • Varicose veins are often caused by a disease of the kidney, or circulatory System, what causes swelling, observed in the enlargement of the veins of the lower extremities.

Diagnosis of varicose veins: functions and procedures

The main methods, which includes the diagnosis of varicose veins of the legs, occur:

  • Visual inspection of varicose veins of the legs, the enforcement of qualified doctors in the hospital;
  • Ultrasonic Doppler, with the reveal of sealing the walls in the veins of the lower extremities. Such a diagnostics enables to define clearly the stage of the injury;
  • Duplex vein, the competent doctor of the clinic, you can clearly insufficiency varicose veins show. With this method, combines ultrasound and Doppler examination, can you check what happens to the veins: the speed of blood circulation, the diameter of the leg veins, the function and the condition of the valves, the varicose veins;
  • Plebiscit Arianism, research, analyze, allowing with high accuracy and at an early stage of knowledge about the varicose veins of the legs, and to take timely preventive measures. Is carried out by the administration subcutaneously of special dyes, this liquid in Vienna on the Monitor, contrast color;
  • Occlusive plethysmography;
  • With the help of computer tomographic diagnosis of disease (MRI, CT scan) can show the complications that the varicose veins they accompany;
  • Bytovye, or the cable tree samples for the diagnosis of diseases in the plant as an extra from different methods for the determination of the stages of varicose veins of the walls of the veins

The decryption of the obtained results of the diagnosis of varicose veins usually does not require much time. Most of the methods are from 10 to 40 minutes, after which the treating doctor the diagnosis on the basis of the received information. Diagnosis you trust only an experienced doctor of the clinic, to deliver the be able to a clear and unmistakable diagnosis, because the treatment in the different phases includes different methods, principles of treatment, medicines.

Treatment of varicose veins

Doctors with the treatment of diseases

Varicose veins of the legs requires a qualified integrated approach must, therefore, areas of the clinic takes place in the core. For patients, the question of which doctor cures the violation in the veins of the lower extremities, the answer is clear – it is the physician-vein specialist. The close specialist leads the investigation on the basis of waste of effective treatments or surgical procedures on the started stages of varicose veins on the legs rubs.

Patients who are disappointed doctors in the General specialization, you must be with such a disease to narrow the phlebologist that treats directly the cause of the disease and help the disease to overcome without serious consequences for the whole body.


Treatment methods

For patients who are interested in, such as for the treatment of varicose veins at different stages, here is a list of effective techniques, methods, is to solve the Problem. The treatment depending on the indication, it is not-divided into surgical methods and the surgical procedure that is used when problems with the blood vessels and the kick has reached its peak. Treatment is carried out only after the analysis and the investigation.

In the treatment of non-surgical methods used include the following:

  • Medications, the provider responsible for the increase in the Tonus of the venous walls. Drugs are not clean causes of disease, but only the Manifestation of a particular symptom prevent, such as feeling of heaviness in the legs, swelling;
  • Use geparinoterapii ointments that alleviate the symptoms and help get rid of the discomfort ;
  • If a patient is a risk of blood clots is prevention in the Form of taking coagulation agents;
  • Compression stockings, which reduces the load on the feet, helps to distribute the load, even if the physical activity allows blood to stagnate. By wearing the compression stockings or tights leg at the end of the day, not the feeling of heaviness, a lack of swelling;
  • The elimination of symptoms and causes of falls is possible by means of preventive measures: stabilisation of the day mode, exercises of physiotherapy, which will allow it to release tension on the feet in the course of the day, treatment of comorbid disorders to the health.

Indications for the use of the surgical treatment of varicose veins are suffering through extensive veins on both legs, stasis ulcers, Thrombophlebitis, phlebothrombosis, and other serious conditions, the non-refundable healing medicines. The choice of treatment of venous disease of the lower extremities with the aid of the Operation of the respective occurrence of the disease to decide by concomitant health disorders, and other pathologies.

Surgical methods of treatment of varicose veins are:

Sclerotherapy – the procedure treats small spider veins, the bonding in the result, the veins integrity attached to it. During the procedure, in the container in a special glue that connects the back wall with a small extent of the lesion. After a while the pinion is absorbed, cleaned, minor symptoms symptoms, so that the foot is attractive. The advantage of this method of treatment of the chard and a short period of time of the anesthesia (the procedure takes 5-15 minutes);

  • Laser coagulation – soldering helps larger vessels, the damage to the walls. Pre-treatment, introduction of the local anesthesia goes. Then the doctor performs the vein of the light guide in a laser beam. The radiation heats the venous wall, so there is a closure of the vessel, the absorbed site adhesions in the future;
  • Radio-frequency Ablation (coagulation) – the effectiveness of this new method in the treatment of a doctor. The essence of go back of the method consists in the action of high frequency current to the venous wall from the inside, which allows to glue;
  • Phlebotomy involves the removal of the major blood vessels, the walls of which are already in a state of Tonus. Refers to the radical methods of treatment of varicose veins in the legs, in the of Vienna, in which not more than 10% of the blood circulation. The deep veins are created new, the increased amounts of blood. The procedure is in case of strong secretion of the subcutaneous veins, nodes, and pathologies.

After the treatment in the clinic, you must follow certain precautions. The load on the legs and achieve maximum results in the treatment of varicose veins, it is recommended to wear flat shoes, not lifting heavy objects, wearing compression products, the prescribed by a doctor.

Indications for varicose veins

Particularly susceptible to the formation of varicose veins people whose professions with a lengthy stay in an upright state, whereby there is a significant burden on the legs. These include the professions of hairdressers, salesmen, surgeons. The causes lie in the overweight, obesity. Occurs varicose veins and women, constantly high-heeled shoes.

The warikosnaja disease involves the use of specific precautions, indications for the prevention, the prevention of the further development of the disease, reduce the likelihood of surgical treatment.

These measures include:

  • Passing regular examinations in the clinic, you need to sit exams and, if necessary, the doctor to undergo prescribed treatments;
  • Exception is long stay on the legs, the normalization of the diet;
  • timely treatment measures in the construction of such diagnosis;use of protivovirusnogo sets with varying degrees of compression;
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, avoiding harmful habits, in the Form of Smoking and alcohol;
  • in the diet, recommended, new products, which contain large quantities of ballast substances;
  • timely elimination of constipation.

These measures allow to avoid the formation of varicose veins, and in the first Phase, help to prevent the visible signs, that the development of the pathology and the pathogenesis of major vascular nodules.

Contra-indications in the case of illness

There are some contraindications in the case of varicose veins, but they must be strictly adhered to, especially in the severe stages of the pathology:


  • Passivity and lack of exercise. Determination of the veins consists in the return of blood through the veins from the extremities to the heart and lungs, it is a stable functioning of the valves of the vessels. Varicose veins of the legs occurs when the stasis of blood in the body. Therefore, the physical activity in the context of the Önorm is;
  • Poor diet, the consumption of harmful foods, since obesity and being overweight increases the blood pressure;
  • Pregnancy, as in the case of a child, to bear the increase in load on one leg, increases the volume of blood in the circulatory system;
  • Running and intense physical stress. It is recommended that the sports without unnecessary Stress, Yoga, Massage, Aqua aerobics;
  • A hot shower and a bathtub.

With the proper care for your feet can allow you to neutralize the symptoms and causes of disease, moderate exercise, is to return to the previous healthy looking legs, because to be sick and treat the pathology is much more expensive and more difficult than to take preventive measures.