Varices. The prevention and treatment of varicose veins

Chronic diseases of the veins of the lower extremities suffer up to 40% of the adult population of our country. Varicose veins occur in 20 percent of women and 10 percent of men in the world. In the early stages of the disease rarely bothers the patient.


However, the presence of varicose veins, even if you still do not disturb, already in a great danger to the life, because at any time can occur, is the most dangerous complication of Thrombophlebitis. Thrombi varicose veins in the veins, can solve and in the vital organs, which often leads to death.

There are primary and secondary varicose veins

  • Primary is due to the weakness of or injury to the vein wall. The development of the disease contribute to pregnancy, obesity, prolonged stay in the position, congenital weakness of the connective tissue; wearing stockings bands with narrow rubber.
  • Secondary varicose veins resulting from a violation of the venous outflow, if the valves are not doing their job, but also for tumors and injuries.

In the case of varicose veins have damaged valves allow the blood to penetrate into the superficial vein system, causing a pressure increase, causing them to widen. Blood flow slows down, decreases the nutrition of the tissue with oxygen, it ulcers occur.

Causes of the disease:

  • Inheritance; hereditary weakness of the blood vessels
  • lengthy static loads
  • Lack of exercise
  • the intake of hormones and hormonal disorders
  • Pregnancy
  • Foot injury
  • Weight lifting, overload (e.g., sudden onset of active training after a few years of lack of exercise)
  • Smoking

At risk are people whose occupation forces, during working hours, stand for hours on the legs, behind the steering wheel, Computer, etc.

In a seated Position, of Vienna, is located in the upper part of the thigh and the pelvis, are slightly compressed. So the movement slows down after him. Therefore, "sitting" job also, ultimately, to the emergence and development of the disease. In the case of this risk with both young and older people.

Similarly, in the group of risk are:

  • who wears High Heels;
  • Athletes, their education connected with a large load on the legs (Tennis, weightlifting, Bodybuilding);
  • Hairdressers, salespeople, teachers, waiters, and representatives of other professions that spend a lot of time standing;
  • and who is sitting and working, but very happy in this time, the leg of accused;
  • Lovers of coffee and alcohol, as these foods dehydrate the body and, thereby, thickening of the blood, complicate your way back to the heart.

How to recognize the disease:

If at the end of the working day you feel in the legs and your favorite shoes feels hard to closely because of the slight edema, this means that already the first signs. Periodically, spasms happen, pain in the calves should also be warned.

Eye visible changes in the veins usually start small – with the emergence of spider veins.


In the future irreversible processes in the large veins, they come to the surface, the walls in some places thin and they look gnarled.

The main features of the disease:

  • Pain in the legs;
  • a feeling of heat and burning in the legs along the veins;
  • the heaviness in the legs;
  • Swelling of the legs in the evening;
  • Night cramps in the legs;
  • enlarged veins;
  • Darkening and thickening of the skin of the lower legs;
  • trophic ulcer.

Prevention and treatment:

You have the first signs of varicose veins, is to slow down compliance with simple enough rules, and to avoid, in some cases, and its further development.

  • Do not be with hot tubs, Sauna, long stay in the sun. All this reduces the venous tone, leading to congestion of blood in the lower extremities.
  • Move more always. Strengthen the veins and improve the blood circulation, help regular exercise. Aerobics, running, swimming in the temperate mode contribute to the health of your veins.
  • In order to reduce weight. Particularly susceptible to this disease, people suffering from obesity. In the blood vessels whole people more blood than people with normal weight, so those ships have too much load. People who are overweight in such a Situation, can only give one piece of advice - lose weight and maintain your weight permanently in the standard.
  • Do not wear tight-fitting clothes, stockings and socks with the hard erasers, since this leads to a compression of the veins. But support tights and stockings in a certain degree, help to prevent, varicose veins.
  • Evenly Alternate load, never staying long in the same Position.
  • Do not sit cross-legged! Upon the triggering of a king's meadow on the other, an obstacle is on the path of blood flow.
  • Move. Varicose veins can be to long, since in this case a normal blood circulation is disturbed. You try the weight moving, if you stand for too long. Sitting for long periods is also not for you: try to stand up from time to time, and in the room move or go every half hour.
  • Ballast substances. To avoid constipation, add materials in the diet foods rich in fiber. Frequent constipation also increases the likelihood of varicose veins. Try to limit the intake of salt to prevent swelling.
  • Exercise in the morning. Before going to bed and in the morning after waking up, 3-5 minutes, swirling the toes and feet - it improves the blood circulation in the lower extremities.
  • Do not wear High Heels and tight shoes.
  • Covered the legs with cold water after work.
  • More walking in the dew , and the edge of the ponds in the summer.

If you have varicose veins are not sick, but just prone to it, for the prevention of helpful in the daily self-Massage with gentle stroking and kneading of the legs from the bottom to the top.

If the diagnosis "varicose veins" is already made, massage of the legs is contraindicated!

Lack of exercise and chronic constipation - factors affecting the development of varicose veins.

If you sleep the feeling of heaviness in the legs, in the evening after a day of work, while and rest your feet should keep you in high mood. If you can relax, read a book, watch TV, draw legs higher. Can pillow high pillow under Il -.

Wellness and physiotherapy

If your work is accompanied by long periods of sitting at a Desk or stand long time, you should come more often, the Position of the legs, on the spot, turning the foot.

After showering or bathing the feet and rinse with cold water. There are sports, swimming is useful in this disease especially, but also walking, light Jogging, Cycling, skiing.

Wellness and physical therapy:

Bring great benefit to the daily execution of specific exercises:

  1. The climb to the socks. The original Position – stand erect, feet are parallel to each other and pressed against each other. In terms of times - get on the socks, on the bill two - go back to the starting position. 20-30 times, repeat.
  2. Ascent (socks apart). The original Position – apart, standing together with their heels, and the socks. In terms of times - get on the socks, on the bill two - go back to the starting position. 20-30 times, repeat.
  3. Ascension (heels apart). The original Position – to be set apart just the socks together, heels. In terms of times - get on the socks, on the bill two - go back to the starting position. 20-30 times, repeat.
  4. Another useful exercise is the "Cycling" from a lying Position on the back. Very important - in carrying out this exercise, the legs stretch to the finish.

These simple exercises you can do daily tasks (if you cook porridge or standing at the copier in the office).

Nutrition and diet

Diet for varicose veins is a Maximum of Can and fruit, a minimum of salty and smoked. A diet low in animal protein, fat and refined carbohydrates. Of the sharp food the blood, which clots to the formation of blood thickened. Vodka, Cognac and Whisky work in a similar way. It is recommended that as little as possible of meat. No wonder the Papuans and the peoples of the far East, who prefer vegetarian food, never suffer from this disease.

Also in the diet of fish, fresh fruits and food rich in fiber with a high content of Vitamin C, Rutin, bioflavonoids, mucopolysaccharides.

Herbs and citrus fruits

From plant foods helpful all are. Here, the principle of ABC, where A - carrots, lettuce, and herbs and citrus fruits. Add to that two very important Vitamin, strengthen the walls of blood vessels. This Vitamin E, which are contained in olive oil, and Vitamin P, which in the walnuts, green tea and rosehip. Vitamins C and E valves are components of collagen - the connective tissue of the veins and of the veins. Wonderful veins of vital nutrients to enrich and soften sprouted wheat and rye as well as peas, beans and spring onions. Garlic.

Scientists have proved that garlic has a positive effect on the blood. This shows itself in preventing the formation of blood clots in blood vessels - thrombus, complicate or stream of blood covered.

To sum it up: almost thirty scientific experiments, in which the influence of garlic on the viscosity of the blood, was tested for as short a you can determine to be this: if you can expect the garlic for some time, you, increased absorption in the inner-vascular thrombi in 50%.

Every day to eat together toes with eat 2-3 garlic. This contributes to the lowering of blood pressure, cleaning the blood vessels from atherosclerotic deposits, strengthening of the walls and the prevention of varicose veins, etc.

Some of the basic rules of the diet

  • The meat should be low-fat varieties, boiled or stewed.
  • Yogurt free eat reduced fat and sugar.
  • The selection of cheese you prefer slim, limit 30-60 G not more than 3 times per week.
  • You prefer fruit Can, full grain, beans. These products are rich in potassium and fiber.
  • Increase of potassium in the daily diet – one of the ways to achieve the water-salt balance. Ballast substances homeopathically as a "caretaker", the elimination of waste products and prevents constipation. It cleanses the body, mixing with the products of the exchange and will be deleted with the help of the absorbed liquid. Herbal products contain large amounts of fiber, but only if you do not by industrial processing.
  • Meat low-fat varieties
  • They eat bread made of fine wheat flour.
  • Reduce intake of animal fats, sugar, salt.
  • To cook use pans that cook without fat culinary.
  • If necessary, add the vegetable oil instead of Butter.
  • Never cook on the previously used grease.
  • Mayonnaise gives sparingly or limit their consumption to a Minimum, if you do not abandon them altogether.
  • Avoid eating sweets after the meal and in the intervals between the main meals.
  • You drink daily 6-8 glasses of fluid. In the case of a lower consumption in the tissue jams.
  • Drink water in small to swallow a little bit in the course of the day. Remember that fresh fruit and Can contain large amounts of water and eating the food in any way is covered and the body's need for fluid.
  • Before the main meal (for 20-30 minutes), drink a glass of cold water.
  • Do not drink during the meal (without a drink to get along is not possible, drink very slowly and in small fruit juices) swallow.
  • Surely you drink water before and after physical exertion.

We recommend:

  • Eat, you go at the latest around 7-8 o'clock in the evening, a few hours before bedtime;
  • You eat slowly, chew well;
  • do not drink alcohol, nicotine and caffeine;
  • always keep to moderation in food.